Sep 1, 2017

Odds and ends Sept 01, 2017: We do not have the Technology, we can't rebuild him!

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better... stronger... faster! Famous words by Richard Anderson in the role of Oscar Goldman. Based on the title of this rant and the quote, you might guess that I have some bad news. Haley Joel Osment has seen Oscar Goldman. He passed away on August 31st. My condolences to his family.

The A-Team, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Knight Rider, The Fall Guy, Extreme Ghostbusters, Dynasty, Murder She Wrote, Kung Fu: the Legend Continues, Simon & Simon, Perry Mason Returns,  The streets of San Francisco, Hawaii 5-0, Columbo, Gunsmoke, The Fugitive, Mission Impossible, The Green Hornet, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman (obviously)... Heck he even was the father of the Hardy Boys...

Not those Hardy Boyz... The OTHER Hardy Boys...

Yes, Richard Anderson played the Hardy Boys' father in The Mystery of the Chinese Junk. huh huh junk...
So, as I was saying before I got sidetracked, Richard Anderson has played a lot of roles in a lot of series and movies. Many being part of pop culture... Though most people will think of Oscar Goldman for obvious reasons. May he Rest in Peace.

Crapcom is rereleasing a Limited Edition of Street Fighter 2... FOR THE SNES. A $100 SNES Cartridge of SFII in Ryu Headband Red or GITD Blanka Green. Really? A $100 cartridge for a console from 6-7 generations ago? WTF?

Woah! 4Chan Trolled Marvel? That's Deliciously Evil!! They even got their letter published.
They even compared the America Chavez comic to The Room... Spike, roll the clips!

Come on! The comparison to The Room was a dead giveaway that something was rotten in Denmark.
But that's not the point of this. The point is how Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston has his head so far up his ass defending the comic that he doesn't notice that his article makes the trolling by 4Chan more delicious.

It commits the crime of being a first-time comic written by a YA novelist, having characters of a variety of sexual origins and identities and ethnic diversities, and being a positive activist comic.
It can't be because the writing is bad... Let's look at the sales figures from the first 4 America comics.

04/17  America # 1 -  43,592
04/17  America # 2 -  23,987  (-45.0%)
05/17  America # 3 -  16,262  (-32.2%)
06/17  America # 4 -  12,624  (-22.4%)

Since issue #2: -47.4%

Author Self-Insertion
on the frame before Storm.
Going from 43k to 12k is a HUGE Loss. Seems like the YA novelist writer isn't doing a great job. There is nothing wrong having a "diverse cast" the problem is when the "diversity" is being hamfisted and current Marvel is NOT BEING SUBTLE ABOUT IT. We've even seen Writers and Artists getting into feuds on twitter because of their "activism".

It's like the proverbial "Preachy Vegan" (Not all Vegans) They go to a steakhouse, bother the people dining by dumping their verbal diarrhea by insulting the people dining, then grabbing the food and dumping it into the ground as they scream bloody murder and go into the kitchen to attempt to "convince" the chef to go vegan. Instead of having people look up veganism and consider at least trying vegetarianism before going full vegan; you have people Doubling down on meat eating.

If you read the YA Novelist's "fantastic writing" on that page, including the Stephenie Meyer levels of cringy self-insertion, you can see WHY people were dropping this comic. She's basically a Lesbian Latina Superboy Prime with more Mary Sueness than Bella Swan and Alice from Resident Evil (in name only). Seriously, when you have to waste a page and have popular characters praising your protagonist it REEKS of Mary Sue.

But yeah, let's blame White Heterosexual Cis Male bigots...

 4chan is the collection of message board known for their anarchic free speech, responsible for everything from alt-right memes such as Pepe to the anti-Scientology actions of Anonymous. 
And here we go, smearing the second most wretched hive of scum and villainy this side of Mos Eisley.

The subgroup 4chan/co, which focuses on comics, animation, and sometimes how terrible I am, saw one member concoct a fake letter for America sent to editorial intended to mock the series with over-the-top praise that they think this comic undeservedly gets. And then they compare the comic to a much-derided movie. The letter is signed from CO, the 4chan subforum in question.
They DO HAVE a point since you ARE defending this comic. The Room gets a lot of undeserved praise, just like the "America" comic. Point is that Marvel WAS Duped into printing an obvious troll, because they're desperate for praise. It's almost as funny as the Christian show that was duped by the Fresh Prince song.

Wait, is that Star Wars?

Vegeta is that you?

But you see the point I'm trying to make here. Marvel got duped to publish a letter mocking them and they didn't notice the mockery, because they were trying to validate a failing title. America has the potential of being a good comic... IF she was being written by competent people who'd put the story above everything else... But it IS the House of (Moronic) Ideas and Agendas come before story...
A Faux Latina Interdimensional Illegal Alien (in the most literal sense of the words since Superman) with a ridiculously Overpowered Skillset is only known for being "Latina and Lesbian".  You can have a Latina Lesbian Character with super powers but when the character is simply using one or 2 words in Spanish while everything else is in English, it reeks of vagancia... Or worse. That's stereotypical and possibly Borderline Racist... As a Native Spanish speaker who is mostly bilingual and dabbles in a third language; I'm more prone to slip English into Spanish than Spanish into English. The only times I've mixed Spanish words in English has been either mocking the stereotype, holmes; if caught off guard and instinctively answered in Spanish and corrected myself mid-way in English; or I don't know/recall a word (due to brain farts) in English.

You CAN add politics (whether normal politics, identity politics, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) into a comic BUT IT CAN'T BE THE FOCUS OF THE STORY, otherwise it would be preachy and people fight back when being preached with condescension. The story SHOULD come first and the propaganda in second. something something attracting more flies with honey than vinegar.

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