Sep 23, 2017

Letting y'all know I'm still alive.

Hurricane Maria has made one Hell of a mess in Puerto Rico. Over 95% of the island is without power. Cell signals are on the fritz. Internet is mostly down. I'm currently using Wi-Fi from the friendly neighborhood KMart. (This is not an advertisement) I'm safe. My place was mostly spared by the hurricane. I may or may not have a functioning Washing machine. I'll find out once power returns. I have NO IDEA WHEN it will return. Massive damages to the power grid. This will massively slow down my time at the house of rants, which I mentioned earlier.
I've my health, I suffered no material losses, so I can consider myself lucky. I'm not one to ask much of my readers, but if you're willing, please donateanything you can to a relief fund, whether it's to the victims of Harvey, Irma, or Maria; it doesn't matter. Just find a way to help our brothers and sisters who aren't as lucky and need any help they can get.

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