Oct 14, 2017

Just preorderer the Super7 MOTUC wave 2

I have, well had been going back and forth on whether or not I should preorder these. Mostly because of the Hurricane's aftermath. But YOLO beat reason. Yes, I just used YOLO... In a non-mocking way. I should be ashamed of myself for that, but Karg, Granita, Dylamug, the completion of the Universal Monsters for the Horde. I even got the Filmation set despite only truly wanting Sorceress and Merman.

Unless Filmation wave 3 has Stratos, Ram Man, Prince Adam, and Mantenna or at least 2 of these, I'll skip it... Especially if the Anthropomorphic Cats from outer space irritate an old Egyptian man land on Super7's lap... (Hint: fast kitty, stoner tiger, angry old Egyptian man, and fat reptile with a peculiar "yes" should be wave one... Wave 2 is obviously vulture dude, monkey dude, token handicapped cat, token gay tiger...)

Collectors Choice is the one that I'm less likely to skip, but there have been a few QC issues with the Power-Con exclusive sets and that made me a bit wary... Speaking of the PC sets, wonder when BBTS will send mine.

I should try and finish the Ken review, but I barely had any time.

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