Oct 15, 2017

Toxic elements in fandoms...

I guess you've heard the Szechuan sauce rampages due to Rick and Morty. We saw the Hasbro mandate to attack bronies. We've heard the complaints from multiple female fans of (insert fandom here) and being tested by "gatekeepers".
We've also seen how virtue signalers have tried to piggyback the failure of Feig's Ghostbusters and blaming it on Toxic Fandom.
They are correct TO AN EXTENT. Yes, there are toxic elements to fandom's and they CAN BE harmful to, uh, the fandom. The problem is that being geeky is now mainstream. Old school geeks who were shunned in the past for liking (insert geeky thing here) are seeing their tormentors enjoying the very same thing that thy mocked the geeks years ago. Some people embrace them, others not so much. We also have the posers.
As in people who pose with items to "prove their geekiness" as seen on the pic above. I tend to doubt the veracity of a person's gaming capabilities if they bite the wires, or make kick starter campaigns pretending to be playing a game while having the controller off... Like a certain media critic who thinks penalties mean encouragement.

Now the point I want to touch is Ghostbusters. Most of the Toxicity wasn't from detractors, but from defenders. They tried to paint people who simply believed that the remake was a bad idea because it was a remake as misogynistic basement dwelling virgins who love Donald Trump.

Now that geekiness is mainstream, it has fallen victim to everything that is mainstream like Sports, politics, religion, etc. Add social media where people look for echo chambers instead of understanding and learning from opposite views.

Fan carefully, my friends... Otherwise they'd say you're a Britney Spears song.

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