Oct 23, 2017

Odds and ends Oct. 23, 2017

Wave 1 of Super7's MOTUC is getting some l3smast minute adjustments in order to fix SOME issues. Things like the wider crotch piece being replaced by a slightly thinner one to eliminate the Birthing hips problem. Teela received an update on her face. Hawke, sadly didn't get any detailing. Flynn is making Neitlich look like a massive tool. (And Neitlich's overlords are faring far worse)
IF we had gotten that kind of rapport from Mattel from the start, MOTUC would have most likely remained at Mattel.
The only thing that sucks a bit about this is the wait until November.

I'll be able to do laundry in the next two days. I caved in and ordered a hand powered washing machine... I'm so desperate for rants that I'll even review it just to have something to do besides laundry. Please return ASAP, my dear electric power.

Seems that my Ryoga will be coming soon... Theoretically speaking because this is Ryoga we're talking about. Feels like it's been ages since I preordered him. Wonder if any more Ranma characters will get made.

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