Oct 24, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest: In memory of Raul Julia

For I beheld
Satan as he
Fell from Heaven
Like Lightning!
M. Bison, or Vega in Japan... Evil leader of Shadaloo, hellbent on ruling the world, some weird crap about changing bodies and desiring Ryu or something, but most memorable for the live action version...
Spike, that better not be a link to Damien Dahrk...
Well, Storm Collectibles has made a Bison and here's where he comes out the Toy Chest...
As we've seen with Ken and Ryu, the Mighty Bison can pull off some key poses from the games and live action movie... The one that's so bad it's unintentionally good, not the one with the chick from Smallville.
Paint and Sculpt:
Once again, Storm Collectibles manages to make the game version come to life. There's no visible slop on Master Bison. He even has translucent hands for some Psycho Powered moves.
Bison has:
SFV stand
-Alternate skirt
-2 alternate heads
-3 psycho power effects
-set of crossed arms
-8 extra hands.
Obvious 5.0 here.

Bison gets a godly 5.0 here. I am in no way being bribed by Shadaloo. If I were to nitpick, I'd say that the
Bison dollars FTW!
hypermodularity of his interchangeable parts scares me a bit. Popping torsos to change skirts, popping arms, hands and heads on such an expensive toy is a bit terrifying. But he kicks so much ass...

And I preordered Chun Li... That review shall be Legendary... Get it, cause Legend of Chun Li?

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