Jan 25, 2018

On Solo and other Star Wars solo movies...

Supposedly the trailer for Solo is coming on Super Bowl Sunday. We will finally see if the Character side stores are truly worth it.
Well, I think they are worth it, if done correctly.
I don't want to see a Yoda movie, because look at Darth Vader. He was all awesome until we discovered he was a whiny kid from Tatooine.
Also, no Darth Vader movie... We've had plenty of him. Pretty much 6.25 movies are DV related.

I've already mentioned that an Obi Wan movie would be nice. Something, something, Kenobi watching Luke from the shadows even saving the young Skywalker from trouble... And I just realized that something similar has happened in comics, but it would be cool to have in an actual movie.

We could also get a Luke movie. Something post Jedi, but way before Force Awakens. It could deal with Luke trying to locate Jedi Artifacts to rebuild the Jedi Order. Maybe have some Palpatine loyalists plotting to kill the Jedi Master and maybe using a certain red headed force sensitive clone, who ends up dying to protect Luke. And Sebastian Stan could play Luke...

We could have a young Leia movie. What I'm thinking is something along the lines of Die Hard in a huge spaceship on a diplomatic mission overtaken by pirates (possibly hired by the EMPIRE to flush out some rebels from the Senate) Leia used her wits and unknowingly some of her latent Force powers.

Just as long as we don't get a Jar Jar movie...

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