Jan 11, 2018

It came from the... what? The toy... what? The toy chest!

The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin... Spike, I'm talking about the Wrestler, not the Six Million dollar man...

I'll allow it... So, Stone Cold Steve Austin... Attitude Era Wrestler
, Whose feud with Vincent Kennedy McMahon is Legendary... Rumor has it that Vince was the sixth figure of the WWE Figuarts line, but seems that like Shredder, he was cancelled...

Stone Cold was pretty much the "anti-Hulk Hogan" crude, rowdy, engaged in drinking beer, flipped people off, but somehow he was EVERYWHERE! He was "The Hulk Hogan" of his era. While his other Super popular compatriot... The Rock, ended up appearing in kid shows and Disney Movies, Stone Cold was too hip for that and ended up on Celebrity Deathmatch.

The Articulation on SCSA is similar to the other WWE figures. One set of hands has a peculiar extra point of articulation.
I had forgotten
that I had a ring
The Shoulders still look a bit odd but I haven't made my peace with that yet. The knee braces are Articulated as well, which is pretty neat.

Paint and Sculpt:
I feel like this figure captured the essence of Stone Cold Steve Austin pretty well... Slightly better than Triple H, but The Rock is still the one with the best likeness here.
The paints are minimal, but effective.

2 beer cans
4 extra hands
3 extra heads
Again, I feel like he could've used a bit of an added oomph in the hand department, but other than that he has pretty much everything needed for a SCSA figure. 5.0

Stone Cold Steve Austin gets a 5.0 as his final score. It feels nice to have a couple of wrestling superstars to put on the ring for display.
MJ: Shamone, Kane and Taker!
Hurry up and come so I can kick all of your butts!

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