Jan 17, 2024

It came from the Toy Chest: Hello, my name is Chun Li. You killed my father. Prepare to die!


What day is today anyway? Just making sure of doing this the proper day... but Chun Li... the Chinese Interpol Officer who has a girlboner for Justice, mainly destroying Shadaloo, because the big boss of Shadaloo killed her father. She kicks a lot.

Chun Li has the same articulation as the male figure minus the butterfly shoulders. My guess is due to her puffy sleeves. We'll find out with Wave 3's Cammy.  She can pull off most of her poses... except the Super SFII Turbo Kikoken.
Ryu: Hado... wait are you trying to do a kiloken or a Spinning Bird Kick?
Chun Li: I don't KNOW!?

Nor even with a McFarlane stand and tons of blu-tac. She can do a Street Fighter II' kikoken Pose though.

Paint and sculpt
She looks like a SSFII Chun Li, though her hair might be a bit darker than I like. Other than that I've no issues here. Some pwople have complained about her make up... but that's far too high level for me to attempt.
Daigo Parry Reference!! Revelation He-Man's head wasn't Kenough to make the reference. It needed blu-tac.

Alt head
Alt hands
Hyakuretsukyaku effect with stand

I know that these figures have less for their costs, BUT they could've tossed in a Kikoken (that they could've later recasted for Dhalsim.) Maybe in an accessory pack?
Vega: Look at the Super7 figures thinking they can compete with us SH Figuarts... I laugh at their ugly pathetic faces!
Ryu: Calm down, Li! They are the Super7... We aren't overpriced.
Sagat: Bwahahahahaha! Wait... He just insulted us!
Bison: What's wrong Fei Short? Cat got your tongue?
Fei Long: I have to say nothing. I'll only wait until Nefty Replaces you three with the Jada versions.
Bison: Hah! He'll never replace us!!
Nefty VO: Well, about that... I'm just waiting for the Preorders to show up.
Vega: Gordo hijo de-
Nefty: Si terminas esa frase,  voy a desgraciar tu puta cara.
Vega: Sorry...

Chun Li gets a 4.5 as her final score.
Honestly though, none of the super articulated Chun Lis available in the past 20 years (Storm, SHF, Jada, NECA, SOTA) can do the SSFIIT kikoken or Spinning Bird Kick without a stand. Only Storm came with a stand. But Storm is expensive as fuck. SHF is also expensive and the biggest advantage over Jada is toe articulation and a kikoken. The additional $40+ for a kikoken is most definitely not worth it.

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