Jun 8, 2015

DC is stuck with Mattel for a few more years.

Finally some sort of GOOD news for Mattel after losing the Disney License. DC Comics renewed their license for a few years WITH Mattel. Then again, what else could they do? Go to Hasbro? The Mouse wouldn't be too happy if Hasbro started making toys for their biggest competitor.
Playmates? They only seem to do TMNT Toy and occasionally they do some Star Trek toys.
Jakks Pacific?


To be honest, DC had very little choices here. Does this have an effect on my toy collecting? Not really, since I never TRULY got into DCUC and that line is dead. I don't care about total heroes. Personally I think they are crappy looking. The 4 inch line is meh at best. (That is Hasbro's domain)
Unless they start making DC Characters using the MOTUC Buck, or "parts that are not MOTUC but are compatible with MOTUC" I won't be paying too much attention to Mattel's DC offerings.

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