Jun 21, 2015

List of Deadbeat Dads

Father's Day is here and it's a great day to spend with your father, or father figure... Unfortunately, not all fathers are available in father's day... In some cases, they may have passed away, in others both the father and child have reached a mutual agreement of not spending time together due to differences (being stubborn jackasses both of them), but in some cases, the father wasn't there...

So here is my list of popular deadbeat fathers:

I'm starting off this deadbeat dad countdown with Jack, better known as Naked Snake or Big Boss.
The man thought his children were abominations. He even tried to get one of his sons killed during a Military Operation... Eventually the son killed him with a can of hairspray and a lighter.

As you can see they eventually make up and have a smoke together before Big Boss kicks the bucket.

Next on My list of Deadbeat dads is none other than the most popular deadbeat dad in fiction.

Do I NEED to explain why he's a deadbeat dad? Becoming an evil asthmatic cyborg space monk is not an excuse to NOT raise your kids... Especially when one of them is growing up IN YOUR HOME PLANET, CARRIES YOUR LAST NAME, BEING RAISED BY YOUR STEPBROTHER, AND THE KID IS BEING WATCHED BY OLD BEN KENOBI... WHOSE LAST NAME SHOULD BE FAMILIAR TO YOU, BECAUSE HE'S YOUR FREAKING TEACHER THAT MAULED YOU IN MUSTAFAR! freaking Idiot!

Third on my list is Hojo of ShinRa and the last character from my Messed Up Dads rant This time I'm adding Darth Vader...

Scummy Scientist who created Sephiroth. While he was "around" Sephiroth. he was never a "father", more like a scientist checking on his Experiment.

Fourth on My list of deadbeat dads?

Blame Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. It takes a dump on what is Superman and makes him into a stalker deadbeat dad.

Last on my list, because I'm keeping it a short one:

He-Man himself...
He is the one to blame for He-Man being a deadbeat dad.
On the Awful Neitlichverse comic, we discover that He-Man had a son that he somehow knew he had one all along and never came to check on his wife and kid for 15 years?

List is over and now here's a message from Guile:

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