Jun 27, 2015

Events that I'm dyin' to see in FFVIIRemake!

Y'all know that I WANT to see Cloud in Drag Quest in the FFVII Remake. Now this list here is the top 11 things I want to see in the FFVII Remake that ARE From FFVII. This list will not contain stuff that are events from Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, or Crisis Core... UNLESS said events WERE in FFVII (to an extent, the Intro from Dirge of Cerberus is DURING FFVII) There be Spoilers of a 18 year old game ahead...

-Chocobo Farm Musical Number:

This in current gen graphics would be the bomb... also probably with MORE Chocobos!!

-Now for a more depressing note:
THAT Event... Come on! Everyone WANTS TO SEE THIS with modern day graphics...

-Traversing the Midgar Zolom breeding grounds.

This might change if they get rid of the world map... I only hope that this is preserved.

-The Secret Zack Scenes... (Kind of a Crisis Core final chapter Summary)

-Cloud's Mako Poisoning:
Back in the day, Cloud got poisoned with Mako and promoted another Squaresoft game: Xenogears!!
Cloud is referencing the song from the Game's Ending not only that he mentions the name by name Phonetically ZENOGIAS sounds like an Engrish XenoGears!
But I'm guessing we'll get a Kingdom Hearts reference... calling it here: something along the lines... Donald... Goofy... Big shoed Kid that looks like me and Aerith... with a Key... Unlock hearts... Kingdom... Hearts...

But... The Cloud Mako Poisoning scene is not complete without Tifa diving into Cloud's mind.

-Gold Saucer (mini games, date and all that crap!) but there is ONE Minigame that I want to see in Full HD...
The one where you help an animal to get laid by feeding it animal Viagra... so it can get it up and make many little animals...

Picture that in HD!!!

-I know I mentioned the Cloud in Drag quest up above, but I also want to see the very optional Corneo's revenge Quest in Wutai.

-Everyone gets wood whenever Sephiroth is mentioned. Guys get wood thinking of being LIKE Sephiroth, girls get girl wood when thinking OF Sephiroth! Spike, don't you dare post Sephiroth fan art! We may have gotten a small glimpse of this in Advent Children, but I can't wait to experience this in Full HD

-Fort Condor Battles!

No clips here because most of them take over 40 minutes to show you Cloud Riding a Dolphin to enter Junon where he dons a Shinra MP Uniform... CLOUD RIDING A DOLPHIN in HD... Need I say more?

-Last but not least: The WEAPON Kaiju

I wanna see those monstrosities in full HD... (bonus points for Tifa falling down... to piss off SJW types because boobs and a female martial artist falling. Mahogany!!)

Honorable mentions

Crisis Core took care of this scene, that's why it was skipped from the list.

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