Jun 24, 2015

It came from the Toy Chest: Plug and play is fun... if you know what I mean!

Taking a page out of Donatello... Modulok has now his Plug and Play Robot, Multi Bot... Now if we take Mattel's Typo when Modukok was revealed and add Multibutt to the mix, we can discover that Multibot is Modulok's sex bot! It's good to know that Modulok made his sexbot gender neutral that way no one is offended by the weird sexual acts between a red Monsted and robot. Good to know that Mattel cares of not offending St.Sarkenjosh!

One crotch regluing later and he is
good as new.
Long story short: Multibot is basically Robot Modulok... You can't simply have ONE Modular Monster... you need at least TWO to have fun... With Multibot the fun has been doubled right out of the box...
Speaking of which, my first negative mark starts with getting him out of the box. The crotchpiece on one of the two robot bodies making multibot was shoddily glued together (The one with the male piece)... It disassembled while popping him out of the package. (Sadly, I took no pics before GLUING the piece back together. I'm trying NOT TO HAVE TO CALL Matty's CS for support. Having to pay to send the figure back so they send me a new one or get a refund is a bit annoying. Heard stories about them simply refunding figures instead of sending items when they HAVE the item in stock. I don't wanna risk it.)  Supergluing the crotch back into place is something I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO...

It's very similar to Modulok, due to the combiner nature of the beast. Sadly, some of the blockier parts of him LOSE points of Articulation while the arms got one more point of articulation...
Paint and sculpt:
The sculpt is nice and he looks like an update of the vintage figure.
The paint job is crisp and clean... I kust wish that the differences in color were more obvious. The metallic accents on the arms and legs are BARELY Noticeable on him.
Guard Scorpion Multibot

Guns are compatible with Modulok's
Just Like Modulok he only has 2 gun pieces that combine. They are super gummy, but not AS Gummy as Modulok's gun. He has enough pieces to make 2. 25 figures. Also you can use ALL the pieces to make a monster with him. 5.0
Multibot's final grade is 4.67
Now here's the thing: Multibot offers a lot more possibilities than MODULOK in paper... But somehow I find him LESS FUN than MODULOK... I'm not sure if it's the finger busting edges or that his parts are so mismatched that in the end he simply looks like a mess of random parts together instead of two robots. In my final display he ended up being two separate characters. I stand corrected. He now is ONE Robot with two heads... My Horde shelf is running low on space and I need to put in Dragstor AND Callix.
 I honestly thought that forming MEGABEAST would have been the ULTIMATE FUN and make Modulok and Multibot super awesome.
It's cool, I have to admit and since I have 1.95 Moduloks and a single Multibot, I was able to create a Sweet Techno Organic Abomination!

Sadly, This achievement didn't live up to the hype. It made me realize that we NEED a Modulok/Multibot upgrade pack with more connectors and maybe new arms and legs for them that can be used for MEGABEAST!!!
 Not having enough pieces can be a huge pain in the neck that stifles some cool ideas for MEGABEAST!!!

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