Jun 20, 2015

Shenmue vs the World

Yes, this is another Shenmue 3 rant,but it's not so much about the game this time. During the past few days, there has been a huge campaign against the game and asking people to not donate or withdraw their donations on Kickstarter... The usual (un)ethical suspects (from the Gamers are dead "articles") chimed in... Hell even Playboy is against Chang Moo 3! Yes, THAT Playboy...

This video explains the Shenmue issue a lot better than I would. But I know some people will not bother to watch a 20+ minutes video about a guy talking about Shenmue, so here's the short version:

While SONY is "helping Suzuki-san", they are NOT funding the development of the game. At most they're handling Marketing. Kickstarter is where most of the development money is coming from.

That makes sense since Shenmue 3 is a game that has been in development Hell for 14 years. SEGA's financial state after the death of the Dreamcast didn't help matters. The Original XBox got the sequel to SEGA's Shenmue, but the XBox was not the proper console to release this game. (The average XB user was more into shooters/sports games than a sequel to a somewhat slow paced VERY Japanese game.) The sales for the game on XBox weren't good enough to get a Shenmue 3.

So, no SEGA, no Microsoft, obviously Nintendo didn't even wanted to touch the thing. For 14 years, Shenmue was pretty much dead... I mean there were memes made out of waiting for Shenmue 3. I even heard the one about Godot being the one bringing the game. (not talking about the White haired Caffeine addicted Cyclops visor using Lawyer.)  So now Sony is helping to bring back this glorious series from the Ashes like a Phoenix, but we have Dickweeds like Ben Kucaracha from Kraptaku shooting the game down.

Shenmue started as a SEGA Saturn game...

Which according to this video was basically covering BOTH SHENMUE games so maybe there were TWO Saturn games and two Dreamcast games... which could easily explain the larger budget.
Back then SEGA had to build up a new Engine to make the game, but Shenmue 3 would use the already built Unreal 4 Engine. This would cut a chunk of the development costs. That's why they can go cheaper than $40 Million.

The thing is: Whatever the deal made with SONY (which we are most likely to never find out the details due to legal red tape), we cannot simply say: Eh, screw this! Sony's paying!  and retract donations, because we could fail the kickstarter and not get Shenmue 3 forever.

But let's suppose that on a BEST CASE SCENARIO SONY IS matching up budget and they'll match whatever Suzuki gets via kickstarter. So, (as of now we have) $3,457,227 and if SONY is matching up what they'll give to Suzuki, that means that we'd have $6,914,454 from KS and SONY for Suzuki to use on Shenmue. The more we gather through Kickstarter, the better.

Now, just because it COULD BE like in the best case scenario doesn't mean that it is like that.
Right now all we can do is try to collect as much as we can for the game to be made. Don't let these asshats who want to see shenmue crash and burn win! I mean, these idiots would rather have you buy GONE HOME... IN SPACE!! and no I'm not making that up... The people who made Gone Home are making a non-game that is basically Gone Home in Space... Wonder what will be the SJW friendly twist in the story?

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