Jan 18, 2020

Dad of Boi: The review

A couple years ago you wouldn't catch me dead praising the God of War series. I have to be honest I didn't like the original game back then. I found the game very shallow and Unworthy of praise despite the story being the best element of it... and that one I found cliched and tired as well.

With age I learned to appreciate Kratos's Revenge story. Now that Kratos has destroyed Olympus and hid in Midgard, I too am a fan of the Ghost of Sparta.

 So let's pick up the Leviathan axe, summon the Boi, and let's take his mother to her final resting place.

The team did an excellent job for this game. The non Kratos characters look super impressive and totally resembled their voice actors. I was watching a random movie the other day and Boi was in it. You can guess my reaction when I saw him:

A) I said: "Atreus!!"
B) I said: "Holy shit, that kid looks like Boi! Let's hit imdb to make sure... It IS BOI!!"
C) I said: "That kid could totally play BOI if they make a live action movie... to imdb!! Huh, he IS BOI!! Nice work CG artists..."
D) I said: "Kratos is Zodac... Holy crap... Kratos is Zodac... King Hssss killed my brother, Boi... Damn, you kid that looks like BOI! Now I wanna play Dad of Boi!"

Please leave your answer in the comments.

Back on topic the human characters look very realistic The Munsters look pretty cool but I wish there was a bit more variety of them. But the backgrounds are gorgeous. The beauty of them kind of makes you want to walk and look at the breathtaking views but then monsters come and ruin it for you and you have to hack them away.

You are Kratos the newest God of War of Olympus hiding in midgard due to the consequences of kratos's actions in the previous games.  you found a wife and raised a son until her passing. Little did you know that this would put you in the sight of Odin and he's even more pissed off than Zeus. I see you take your wife to her final resting place you have to deal with monsters and Odin's Heralds.  this time the story feels a lot more intimate than in previous games since the focus is Kratos and his son.

Sounds and music
The music has a bit of a Nordic flavor... then again it should since it's God of War in the realm of the Norse gods.
I've praised the work of the voice actors before in my first thoughts rant and once again I have to praise their job here.  Great Performances all around.

People have claimed that God of War is basically The Last of Us crossed with dark souls.  I'd say that it's a fair assessment. Gone are the ridiculously annoying platforming elements from the previous games, but at the same time day insanely paste fast combat is also gone. The combat in this game is a bit slower but at the same time each blow feels more powerful. It still is as visceral as previous God of War games. Only this time there is no sex Mini-Game... most likely because Kratos is now a family man and he's carrying around the Boi!
The camera can be a little bit of a pain in the ass to set up especially on the valkyrie battles.

 the controls are pretty responsive in this game. I cannot talk up any mistakes I did to them it. That control scheme feels a bit awkward at first but once you get used to it it becomes second nature. Switching between the acts and the blades of chaos is rather simple and many of my mistakes were my own fault. The only nitpicking I have to make is controlling the camera issue with the  Valkyrie fights.

Fun factor
The game is pretty fun pretty straightforward despite being an open world title or I should say a pseudo open world title. Some of the norn rune chest puzzles can be a pain, what is an overall enjoyable experience.

Dad of Boi gets a 9.17 as its final score. Even if you don't care about previous God of War games I would recommend playing this one. To me the whole journey to deliver Faye's ashes why is a very touching experience.  mostly because it was like a warped mirror version The Journey my brother and I have to do to deliver our Mom's ashes. Only with a lot last dead bodies and no Angry Gods coming at us.  The way the series is having it looks like the next game will be the end for Kratos... and Boi would take the mantle of protagonist.

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