Jan 15, 2020

Yo Joe! Rumors of a 6 inch line...

There is a rumor about a 6 inch Joe line...
Yes, a 6 in GI Joe line...
The rumor mill has revealed the 5 figures in the first wave:
Snake Eyes (2 per case)

This wave seems to be leaning a bit too much in favore of the Joes the second wave we'll probably lean towards Cobra.

They're probably going to release the ninja Snake Eyes First because I'm a fan of the Commando Snake Eyes... and the universe loves to conspire against me.

Hopefully by the time they make Cobra Commander they just give us one figure and his two main looks. There is no need to release a hooded Cobra Commander and then a helmet headed Cobra Commander. The only Cobra Commander variants we should get our the black recoloring and the DIC version.

 That first Wabe covers nearly half of my Joe wants.
The only ones missing are shipwreck, Flint, Lady Jaye, General Hawk and Sergeant Slaughter as the main ones I want.

For the Cobras: obviously Cobra Commander, Baroness Doctor Mindbender, Arashikage, Baron Bludd,  the Crimson twins, Zartan, and the Dreadnoks as my main wants.

Sure there are other characters I would like like say quick kick, Wild Bill, Gung Ho, serpentor, etc. But I won't be going very deep down the well with this one.

Guys like snake eyes and Storm Shadow can get a couple of variants. Figures like dial tone are less likely to get variants. So hopefully Hasbro won't go super crazy on the variants.

Supposedly, the info claims the reveal will be by Toyfair.

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