Jan 14, 2020

Final Fantasy 7 remake delayed and this is good news

Sure, this means I'll be 38 when it comes out, but it still is happening... and the delay wasn't as big as a Shenmue 3.  9 days after April Fools Cloud and friends will return.  The game will be 38 days later from the original release date.

Square Enix claims that the delay will be for polishing a few things here and there. Personally I don't buy it scenes they would need to have the games ready long before the actual release date. This might give them a week or two for final touches but there's something off here. I'm more inclined to believe that this slight delay is related to Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC more than anything. Think about it the DLC will be released on January 23rd. That would have given them barely 40 days until Final Fantasy 7 remake... possibly a lot less if they release a demo of the game sometime in February.

If they actually do some final touches hopefully they won't involve a massive day one patch. And this part of ensuring that they aren't any huge game breaking bugs from the start it's part of the good thing I mentioned. also now the larger gap between Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC and Final Fantasy 7 helps fan of both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 7.  these Express 38 days at all the players to enjoy the DLC a bit more before heading to Final Fantasy 7 remake. It obviously benefits Square Enix because it allows customers to buy the KH3 DLC while they wait for Final Fantasy 7 remake.

But the only drawback about Final Fantasy 7 Remake being released in 2020 is at my mom's missing out on that game. She had to endure some of my multiple playthroughs of that game. Hell, she knew plenty of the game and could discuss story elements as if she had played it herself. She was Team Tifa.

In any case we'll have to wait just a bit longer before we can have Cloud in drag go on a crazy motorcycle chase And Rule 34 artists begin flooding to Final Fantasy pages with Jessie art.

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