Jan 12, 2020

Manbun Soyboy wants to outdo Noelle Stevenson... a Thundercats Roar rant.

Thundercats roar  has been released and it's crap.  we all already knew that. This Abomination was released on the Cartoon Network app... which is is a useless app  by the way.
This is what I got every time I tried to use the Cartoon Network app to watch this abomination.

Manbun Soyboy: Apparently was raped
with a Thundercats toy as a child.

This dickhole makes Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriations of She-Ra look like a Masterpiece.

First 90 seconds of the first episode. The only good thing I can say about it is that they reuse the 80s music. Everything else is basically flipping the bird at the classic fans taking a massive shit on the franchise... and unlike "She-Ra", where you had a somewhat ok show without it being called She-Ra; here you don't have that luxury. This "show" forces the Thundercats into a strange mold, but its "humor" is tailored to sullying any good thing the brand has. Panthro is literally a black man stereotype. For some reason tygra is the butt monkey. cheetara thinks she's all that. The Thunder kittens are  hopped up in methamphetamines. Jaga is an idiot and Snarf's a robot.
 And the least we talk about Lion-O the better.

 if you love ThunderCats don't watch this abomination. If you hate Thundercats don't watch this abomination.

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