Jan 24, 2020

WB should take a page out of Mattel's playbook with Thundercats.

As much fun as it is to make fun out of Mattel's moronic ways, they get it right once in a while. I know broken clock correct time twice a day and such. What metal is doing right is making two He-Man series : one for kids and one for old school fans. Three ways that's a different story but I'm not talking about the toys this time.

I'm talking about having an animated feature for kids and one for adults.   everyone knows that that most of Warner's animated features especially the ones based on DC Comics kick all sorts of ass...  well what Warner Brothers owned property has received a small DC Comics run?

 Masters of the Universe... but who have been guest stars in some issues of that run?

The Justice League!!!

Thundercats the answer is ThunderCats!  so Warner Brothers should make an animated adaptation of Masters of the Universe vs. ThunderCats:  that way old school fans can get a bit of love and not have to see the crap that Manbun Soyboy made. Yep I don't even know the Guy's real name, so Manbun Soyboy it is.

Since Warner owns DC collectibles and ThunderCats they could make some limited edition DCCC ThunderCats... and DCC MOTU if Mattel doesn't act like a bunch of morons. In the style of the animated feature similar to the Batman TMNT toys that DCC released.

And maybe if the feature does well, it could show Warner that a real Thundercats series would be well received.

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