Jan 17, 2020

Random musings: Jan.17 2019

I'm still debating whether I save the MOTUC Movie wave for Advent calendar ICFTTC or if I take them out sooner. They do you do these figures are the end for Classics it's a bit scary for me. Perhaps that's why I haven't been eager to open them. What's a dude that's it the end...

But it's funny... Super7 actually brought MOTUC back to its roots full circle... The line started with King Grayskull, a figure who was inspired by the Dolph Lundgren He-Man.
Super7 ENDED Classics with Dolph Lundgren He-Man... a much better ending than Dare... Suck it, Neitlich!

What are the cereal shapes in Lucky Charms?
I was eating cereal... yes, Lucky Charms... and I was looking at the cereal shapes and they looked a bit Runic to me. No, I didn't spend five minutes calling the Boi to translate them for me. I spent 8. They totally look like Runes and with the leprechaun, one wouldn't be far-off to think of Celtic Runes with the Leprechaun based cereal.

Well, I'm wrong! Fish, Arrowhead, Cross, Bells, and Clovers (though I believe that last one was discontinued) are the official shapes.

I'm guessing these shapes were chosen because they look Rune a canal but they can weasel their way out of any accusations of it being rooms and promoting Pagan religions.

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