Apr 18, 2014

A MOTUC Version of Battle For Eternia... Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Now that the Forces fighting for Eternia and Etheria are almost complete... Or will be complete by the end of 2015, that has got me thinking. I vaguely remember a He-Man Boardgame that used the Actual MOTU Figures to play with and you had to rescue He-Man or Something. TO THE INTERNET!!

One Internet Search Later has yielded some results. The Game is called Battle For Eternia and the point of it was to Rescue He-Man. Here's a video of the game in action.

Well, seeing the game in action has reawakened the desire to see a MOTU Classics Version of this game. Think About it: MOTUC Board Game. This would have been a nice way to promote Matty Collector a few years back. Sell the game in stores promote the Matty Collector Product since the game would be compatible with MOTUC Figures... Now it would be a nice way to celebrate MOTUC.
Not to mention that MATTEL could sell expansion packs like the Battle for Etheria, the Preternian Ultimate Battleground, the Eternian Ultimate Battleground and the Final Battle on Trolla. (this last one could bring out a MOTUC Netta!) Of course each Update would have its own twist on the rules to make it fresh instead of a retread of the same game. Not to mention that it would give THE WRITING TEAM an outlet to flesh out the story in MOTUC and an outlet to sneak in extra accessories for some MOTUC Figures like the Golden Power Sword in the DVD Box Set... Or a 3D version of the Grayskull Dungeon Grate.

Think about it: a Mighty Spector update pack where Spector uses his time travel powers as a wild card. Send opponents back, have him assist you in a battle, move your piece forward. Not to mention adding an Accessory for the Mighty Spector Figure like the left-out whip. The idea of using the Figures combined with the Board Game is too cool to pass up!

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