Apr 30, 2014

That's the *snort* San Diego Comic *snort* Con Matty Exclusive!?

Yes, Mattel is giving us a Hordak as the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive! Not just Any Hordak!
They call it the FILMATION HORDAK!!

It's plain old Vanilla Hordak with short loincloth repainted in Filmation Colors. It can swap the left arm to have the hand cannon... Think Hurricane Hordak, but with Flipshot's bicep and Trap Jaw's left shoulder.

For a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive, this is a rather uninspired item. Feels lazy, and uninspired.
I will try to get one because of Imp, but I now kinda regret repainting my Hurricane Hordak into a classicized Filmation Hordak... Oh well...

You got a bang for your buck on Vykron, Orko and Marlena. The Comet Warriors were understandably expensive, but here we get imp and an extra arm... No Rocket Hordak, extra cannon attachments, no Imp transformations (The Chest is only available to people who go to SDCC)

Not even a new head... DAMMIT! DAMMIT!! DAMMIT!!!

There's more to this story. Toyguru has been busy replying...

He's got a few "tricks up his sleeve" and man do they suck!

They had the budget to do a True Filmation head but chose NOT TO!? NA He-Man, King He-Man, Alcal√° Skeletor, Carback Merman, Whiplash, etc. beg to differ.

Translating the Filmation Design into Classics DOES NOT yield the Vintage Toy Hordak Head. The toy version is more Organic Looking than the Robotic Face from Filmation...

See the quick edit to the Filmation head. Adding a few rivets and some paint accents reminiscent of Toy Hordak while keeping the Filmation shape is closer to what a TRULY CLASSICIZED Hordak Head would look in Classics...

I've ranted before about the Classicizer Machine being a bunch of crap, this is another instance of it.

Alcala Skeletor Goes through the Classicizer, then the head should have been VINTAGE Skeletor's head, just as the Filmation Hordak head goes through the Classicizer and ends up being the vintage Toy head. Basically this excuse is a pile of horse dung.

BTW the Robot/Armcannon uh, arm is Trap Jaw's Shoulder on Flipshot's Bicep on Hurricane Hordak's Forearm. Only the Robo-hand is new.

He is also $30...

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