Apr 11, 2014

MOTU Movie update: apparently we have a director!

And it's Jeff Wadlow!! I have no idea who in Despondos he is, and I've not seen any movie made by him. Not even Kick-Ass 2.

So, I checked Rotten Tomatoes and some of his movies, since I have no clue who he is and I have not seen any of his movies and here is what I found:

Kick-ass 2: 29%  and 61% Audience
Never Back Down 22%  and 34% Audience
Cry_Wolf (No critic Rating) 39% Audience

This doesn't inspire me any confidence in the guy... Seriously, HANNAH MONTANA: THE MOVIE rates Higher than anything this guy has done with both critics and audience. Hell, The Room... yes, THAT THE ROOM with Tommy Wiseau rates higher with critics than all of Wadlow's movies.

THIS IS THE GUY that SONY entrusted MOTU to... Direct... Wait! Here's a link that says he's only re-writing the script! So, let's see what movies he's written...
Kick-Ass 2
 Prey (No Critic Rating) and 23% Audience according to Rotten Tomatoes.
Yup! This is the guy who's rewriting the script... Well, if I have something to say is that at least his movies have rated higher than Justin Marks' epic Masterpiece of... poop that is known as Street Fighter: The Legend of Kristin Kreuk pretending to be Chun Li.

Right now we're slightly above Uwe Boll levels of crap... Mattel cannot afford to have a crappy MOTU Movie out. Period. Look at GI Joe. While I enjoyed Retaliation, the movie wasn't good enough and GI Joe practically disappeared from toy shelves.

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