Apr 19, 2014

I saw Captain America II and other stuff... Marvel Related.

It was pretty cool. Had some twists, some unexpected surprises. It's pretty hard to discuss without spoilers.
Well, I wonder what the show I gave up on will deal with the Aftermath of this movie... Talking about Agents of SHIELD.

There were a few things I did NOT like about the movie...
So, I guess I should get those out of the way before going in any further.

Things that I did not like:

Before anyone says: Standor wasn't in the movie... I mean the Stan Lee Cameo since Stan had NOTHING to do with Captain America. Yes, I do not like ScarJo as Black Widow. She seems like she wound up in the wrong set and the director was, ah screw it!

Things I DID Like:

Then there's the plot, which I liked, mostly. Few things here and there that I did not like, but other than that, the movie was pretty awesome. MUCH, MUCH better than Iron Man 3: The Armor is busted half of the movie and we took a massive dump on The Mandarin. I also liked it more than Thor 2, which was good, but the Midgar elements were the most painful part of that movie.

I will not rate the movie, but I'd suggest that you watch it if you haven't.

Speaking of Marvel stuff, I FINALLY got to play Spider-Man: Edge of Time. I have a lot of issues with that game. IT STINKS!!
The good things are:
Story/Plot Bonus points for using Peter David (Man who needs no introduction but for those who don't know, he did a lot of work for Marvel, specifically speaking a LOT of  Spider-Man 2099)
Voice Acting Bonus points for using Christopher Daniel Barnes and Joshua Keaton as the two Spideys... 2099 and normal Spidey. BTW Both Chris Barnes and Joshua Keaton have voiced Spider-Man in the Marvel VS Capcom games. (Barnes in MVC and MVC2 while Keaton was Spidey in MVC3)

Bad points:
Fun Factor

The game is trying to be a PS1 Spidey game. (No free roam) and the camera suffers since you have very little control of it and can be disorienting. Combat is OK-ish, even if a bit too repetitive and Spidey is severely underpowered.

I'm trudging through it only for the story. Games are supposed to be fun, this one, well isn't... This game is a "play it once and fuhgettaboutit!"

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