Apr 1, 2014

Raiden May Cry: Or a more Masculine Bayonetta... but with Cybercrap instead of hairclothes...

Got Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance as a Birthday Present. I'm not going to review Frozen, and Mattel gave me a Trollan for my Birthday... I could Review Equestria Girls once more...

OK I'll do Revengeance... Cause it's like Revenge and Vengeance at the same time!

This is a Metal Gear Side Story game or Gaiden in Japanese... but in this case it's a Metal Gear RAIDEN game... Yes, ladies and Gentlemen this game has no solid or naked snakes as playable characters... but it's OK, we're playing with the post-MGS 4 Badass Raiden... Not the MGS2 Sissy Boy who stole Snake's Limelight Raiden... Now here's the thing: I ACTUALLY LIKE RAIDEN... and I'm talking about  the MGS2 Sissy Boy who stole Snake's Limelight Raiden...

THIS Version is my favorite... Sure, the Cyborg Ninja Raiden is cool, BUT it's a really horrible gimmick. It reeks of trying too hard to make Raiden "Cool"... He was already cool. Rosemary on the other hand, now there is someone you could focus your hatred on. All the nagging and fussing about April Freaking 30th is .61 NAVI in the annoying Scale. Sure, he's NO SOLID SNAKE and

Hey! I could have gone with the President Johnson scene...

But, I'm stuck with Cyborg Ninja Trying to be cooler than Grey Fox Raiden... In his own game... Cause let's face it, we wanted to play a Metal Gear Game with Cyber-Raiden...

I'll use a 10-point system to Rate MGR:Revengeance. Closer to 1 is bad and closer to 10 is good.

Well, The Graphics are Decent... Not the best graphics I've seen. Some of the human characterss look weird and slightly cartoony. Especially Doktor... The game also relies on something that is a big no-no for home console Metal Gear Games... Uses pre-rendered cutscenes that are NOT the Gameplay Models... I bought that Racist Sombrero for a reason... I wanted to see Raiden in a Sombrero... In other scenes besides this one:

The visuals in Cutscenes and Gameplay take some cues from the exaggerated and over the top direction from The Twin Snakes and kicks it up ten hundred notches!!

Music and Sounds:
The Voice Acting is Great! Quinton Flynn (Human Torch and Jonny Quest) returns as Raiden. Other MGS VAs return to voice different characters. (Doktor's VA, Jim Ward, was Granin in Snake Eater, Kevin's VA  was Vamp,, etc.) The Music... Well, the music is not great for a Metal Gear Game. It feels more at home at a Devil May Cry Game or something. Seriously, here's another boss battle theme. It doesn't feel like music from Metal Gear games.

THIS IS NOT A METAL GEAR GAME... the 75 game overs I got on 2 days tell the story. I am NOT a fan of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and God of War games. Seems like Revengeance is heavily inspired by them. Screw Stealth, we have Over the top action!! sadly, I like Stealth! I have to admit that chopping up a Metal Gear Ray with my sword was cool. What was NOT Cool was make me go through a gauntlet just to reach a point where the Past bosses come back for a second Round... What is this? A CAPCOM Game? 

These have taken a LOT for me to almost get used to... Can't seem to make the lock-on function work half of the time and I end up running around like a chicken with its head cut off... (you google it... the headless chicken part, not the MGR::R Lock-on issues)
The game is obviously made with the intention that you chop crap up and long range weapons SEEM to have been an afterthought. Having to use those secondary weapons can be a pain in the ass.

 I have NOT BEATEN THE GAME AS I WRITE THIS, but the story feels a bit MG-Esque. It's 3-4 years after Guns of the Patriots. PMCs still exist and War Has changed... once again... Now there are more Cyborgs running around and a variety of Bi-pedal tanks... There are a few more Japanese-anime cliches and tropes on this game than a normal Metal Gear Game... I get Neon Genesis Evangelion flahsbacks while playing this...

Fun Factor:
Hoo boy! The game once you master it, SHOULD BE FUN... right now it's been a Frustrating Experience. Problem is that you take Raiden out and the MGS references (The Gekkos, mentioning the Patriots, etc.)and it could be a generic Action Game with a super-powered protagonist.

Metal Gear Raiden gets a 6.42 overall score. IF you're into Bayonetta, DMC, or those types of games, you might rate it higher. Right now the only thing that keeps me going through this frustrating experience is the Story. I COULD Read it online, but I got the game, so I HAVE TO play to see it!

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