Apr 13, 2014

Most wanted MOTUC Army Builders: The Rant

Now that it has been ages that we've gotten the Horde Troopers, the desire for Army Builders seems to have died down a little bit. (But people want Horde Troopers dammit!) Now with that said, we haven't exploited the full extent of the Army Builders.

200X Horde Troopers:

More Knightly than Sir-Laser-Lot
We could use this as Horde Prime's Special Squad of Troopers as a Justification to have them, or go with them being Preternian versions. We already have a few pieces for them and Draego's unflamed sword looks a lot like their sword.

Shadow Wraiths:
They remind me of Dementors!

Shadow Weaver needs her cult of warlocks if she is the so called Head Witch of the Horde. Just picture it: Shadow Weaver escorted by two hooded figures. Looks a lot better than Shadow Weaver escorted by two Horde Troopers.

Now That would be giving the Horde 3 Different Army Builders and we cannot have that.

So, Skeletor needs some Army Builder Action too! He is a bit hard to pick up an army, but it's doable.

they are bone warriors and slime mutants not to mention
their different sizes!
 I'm thinking a 3 pack: Before you let out a scream that curses BOTH the Star Sisters and the Fighting Foemen, hear me out.
Look at the Possible army builders that Skeletor has:
 The 200X Slime Pit Mutant Warrior: Classicized it's basically the naked evil buck with a new head and loincloth and Demo-Man lower legs.
Give him the Shield pictured and the spear for weapons
I got nothing...

The Skelcons from the Golden book are quite easy:
We have the evil buck for them with Zodac's Torso in purple to make the pseudo shirt. Reuse Batros' neckpiece. The only new pieces would eb again head and loincloth. Use the Skelcon sword and Slime Pit Mutant Ax as weapons.

Half Horde Trooper, Half energy Zoid
Since these guys use so little in the extra parts and paints department. they need no extra heads, theoretically Mattel could make a Robot Knight as the "Third cahracter" Orko sized, 3 PoA, stand and maybe an extra arm with a different attachment.

If you notice a lack of Great Rebellion Army Builder, it's rather obvious why this is. Peasant Army Builder would not sell. Bright Moon Guards COULD Work, but I don't see everyone getting those.

Same thing could be said about Flogg's Not Really Storm Troopers so, back away with those lawsuits, mouse!
Yay! for Copyright Infringement!

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