Mar 29, 2014

T.A.I.N.T. Trailer Addendum

I rushed to publish my TMNT Trailer rant. My dislike for this project is rather obvious. Now that I'm older, wiser and calmer, I'll take another look at the Trailer.

Megan Fox: It's obvious that I dislike this lady as an actor and she acts as a turn off to many movies. (It would not have saved me from hating Transformers 1 and 2, because Michael Bay takes care of that.)

William Fitchner: I like good ol' Ken Rosenberg!  That's the only reason I play Vice City! OK, I've seen other things with him in it and he's a Decent Actor... He simply is NOT OROKU SAKI... AKA, The Shredder!!

Jonathan Liebesman: Saw Battle Los Angeles once more, recently... IF I thought McG was a Poor Man's Michael Bay, then Liebesman is ANOTHER Poor Man's Michael Bay, but more Bay-Like than McG.

Michael Bay: Yes, he's the Producer. He just makes sure that the project gets made. That job is not simply throw money at Liebesman to make sure it gets done. Producers and Studio Execs can at times "Intervene" with a project. We know this happens when:

  • Director's Cut versions of movies get a second Release
  • Directed by: Alan Smithee
With that said, the issue with Liebesman/Bay is that their styles are so similar. How much did Liebesman did on his own and how much was influenced by Bay? The world may never know...
Look at the Trailer: It looks very Bay-Movie-esque: The Helicopter, the Military guys, Explosions... Even the Dooooo! Sound that has been used on Tranformers trailer,

The Turtles: We've heard the Shrek Clone comments, The Goomba Comments... But they look like Cabbage Patch Kids after drinking years of Tea brewed from José Canseco's Smelly Socks!

I've been very wary about this project and the Trailer cemented my fears. Now the movie could be great and the Trailer is just very deceptive, BUT that would be highly improbable. I WANT TO BE WRONG about this movie sucking worse than TF 2: I'm directly below the enemy's scrotum...

I simply CAN'T DISTANCE MYSELF FROM THE SOURCE MATERIAL... This is why this movie seems like an abomination to me. I WANT TO LIKE IT BECAUSE IT'S TMNT, but I can't...
This movie feels to me as a grim reminder that MOTU may be the lucky one for being stuck in Development Hell.

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