Mar 27, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Mitch the UNO is here!

Finally after 8 months of suspense and silly Question marked blankets covering other figures as a mysterious Matty game are finally over! The Unnamed one is here!

Due to him being spoiled and me having enough time to mull things over and learn to accept this figure, I'm not going to do a video review... Then again, with the written word my wit is slightly sharper and I stutter less.

So, Mitch the Unnamed One: Real Name Gorpo is finally here. I've ranted a lot about him since 4chan leaked those pics.

I'm going to clear out the air on a few things:

-No matter how much Toyguru can claim that the value for our money is there, it is not.
No amount of spin doctoring can cover the fact that UNO is an overpriced figure.

If you are comparing UNO to the Orko/Adam pack, keep in mind that pack would be 35.00 in 2014 pricing based on rising production and material costs.

UNO is considerably larger than Orko, has much larger accessories, uses clear plastic (more expensive, unique tool run) and has more accessories, a second head is a very expensive excessory due to all the deco - (not to mention a mini comic). 

Value is totally there.

This is what he said on a post on

He's saying that what was a $5.00 Figure would become a $10 Figure (Based on the overpriced Kowl and Loo-Kee pack) Funny since Kowl only bumped up the Weapons pack $2.00...
OK. So Orko + Adam was $25 when figures were $20. We should believe that Orko is 1/5th of the overall price. The $20 figures became $25, or $27 if not a subscriber. Shouldn't that 1/5th cost increase translate to Gorpo being $6 or $6.48 figure?

UNO: Slightly Larger than Orko, More Expensive
than Thunder-Punch He-Man...
UNO is Considerably Larger than Orko...  Cringer is considerably Larger than Orko and he bumped up Marlena's cost $5... Mr. Myzptlk  is considerably smaller than the rest of the DCUC characters yet, Mattel is asking us to pay $30 plus shipping, handling and taxes for him... Shouldn't he be cheaper?

Uno has much larger accessories... A wand larger than Orko's? A Blast? a Stand? vs a Power Sword, a Half Power Sword, a stand and what about Freaking Prince Adam?

UNO uses clear plastic (more expensive, unique tool run) and has more accessories...
So did Orko. Both have a stand. Spirit of Hordak wasn't that more expensive than Clamp Champ. And the Goddess had a buttload of accessories and she cost the same as He-Man. Photog, Cy-Chop, and Roboto (I already mentioned SOH and the Goddess), Nepthu, Geldor all used clear Plastic and they cost the same as a normal figure.

Uno has a second head is a very expensive excessory due to all the deco - (not to mention a mini comic). What about Demo-Man? 3 Heads, costs the same as a Full Size Figure, NA Skeletor has 2 Noggins and costs the same as a normal Figure, so will Sweet Bee.
Not to Mention Thunderpunch He-Man, SMAA, DB Skeletor, King He-Man are all standard figures WITH a Mini-Comic. They all cost the same as a standard figure.

Value is NOT THERE AT ALL. This is MUCH LESS THAN A STANDARD FIGURE... and I'm thinking Zodac and Stratos levels here. If he had come with a second Gorpo using the Orko buck repainted in Gorpo Colors...
Then we'd be closer in value to the $25 figure that Toyguru claims that the Unnamed One has.

-I detest the idea of the Ultimate Evil being the Comedic relief. It's like Snarfer being the cause of Thundera's destruction AND the creation of Mumm-Ra... Or Jar Jar Binks creating the Galactic...Empire... DAMMIT LUCAS!!

Now without Further Ado, let's tackle Emo-Gorpo as a toy and putting aside the bias as much as possible.

UNO: He falls a lot with his blast on!
Here we encounter the first problem with the Unnamed One. His Trollan form is less articulated than a standard figure. This will bring problems in the unbiased Articulation score. Now for a Trollan figure the figure has the standard range of articulation. Wrists, Elbows, Head and Shoulders... 4.0 for a Trollan

Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpt is pretty cool for an Emo-Trollan who raids Hot Topic every time he listens to HIM... He's like 90% new Tooling with the Biceps being reused. 4.0
Larger Base, but shorter than Orko's Stand.

Even Ruben gets a reference in the map... @#$%!
This one is a 5.0 by default since he has a Weapon, energy Blast, Second Head and a Stand. We COULD count the Mini Comic as a Bonus item like Tri-Klops' Warrior Ring... and the Map. I have a few complaints here. How the HELL do I put the Staff in his Right Hand WITHOUT warping it... Putting Evil Lyn's Knife which has a super thin Handle, was a pain in the neck! The Energy blast is cool, but UNO falls down when I put it on! The stand is too short!

In the name of fairness, The Unnamed One gets a 4.33 as his score. My personal bias against him would have given him a 1.0 and yeah, I still can't get over the fact that my first sub exclusive is a slightly larger Trollan. At least Hydron helps me wash some of the bad taste of Gorpo...
I've ranted about this before.

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