Mar 15, 2014

The Stark Children are growing up and HBO may end Game of Thrones

Winter is coming to Westeros and it may come to HBO since, they're planning to end Game of Thrones at the Seventh Season... It makes sense since the actors playing the Children are growing up. (I focus on the Stark Children since they have main character status) Not only they are growing up but the adults are getting older... Speaking of getting older, the AUTHOR, George R.R. Martin is not a child of spring either. I've mentioned this before, but now we have HBO's deadlines looming over us. If Mr. Martin doesn't hurry up and finish A Song of Ice and Fire, HBO will make up stuff as they go along. One of the better things that Game of Thrones has over other HBO Book Adaptations is that they've remained more faithful to the books than the rest... I'm looking at you Miss Stackhouse.

Now Mr. Martin's solution to the issue is rather peculiar. Hiatus, do a prequel, basically "STALL THE HELL OUT OF THIS SO I CAN SAVE MY ASS" Strategy.
He's had nearly 20 years to finish the series (the first book was Published in 1996) The HBO Series began filming in 2010... 2010-1996=14 so he's had plenty of time to finish. Before anyone mentions the Neil Gaiman post where he says to a reader that George R.R. Martin is not the Reader's bitch, remember that it was Martin who allowed HBO to film the book series. I'm sorry but it's a bit of a dick move to ask the production team to Stall after all this time.

I know writing is hard (finding inspiration, getting the creative juices flowing) but A Storm of Crows and a Dance with Dragons (the latter I have not finished because it feels like a filler episode on an anime.) are a bit of a pain in the neck to read (due to the "Filler book sensation" that they kind of emanate.) and IT feels like I'm dragging my feet almost as much as George R.R. Martin just to read it!
I know that part of it is that I'll have to wait who knows how long until George R.R. Martin decides to finish book six! The other part is that it feels almost like a filler book while he figures out WHERE to go with the story.

There is a lot riding on him to finish the books and I don't envy him. I just want him to hurry it up because I can't wait to read more chapters with Cersei, Sansa and Bran... I hope he doesn't kill any of those characters. Jon Snow is boring me to tears... I get it He KNOWS NOTHING!! I'd be drunk as a skunk if I took a shot every time I read Winter is coming or You Know Nothing, Jon Snow...

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