Mar 17, 2014

He-Ro: Son of He-Man: WHY!?

I KNOW I've been drinking a LOT of Haterade when dealing with He-Ro: Son of He-Man
This time I'm not going to rant about the canon. This time I'm ranting about He-Ro: Son of He-Man as a brand.

Why is Mattel Pursuing this, when they can't even get a He-Man reboot off the ground?
It's Simple: What other Mattel owned property for boys is somewhat popular right now?
The Son of Big Jim is your answer... Or as he's more known, Max Steel.
Max Steel is Literally the Son of Big Jim.
Now here's the thing: The whole Max Steel being the Son of Big Jim is a little throwaway nod to the older fans who KNOW ABOUT BIG JIM... Most likely the parents of whoever watches Max Steel (or did watch the previous iteration of Max Steel.)

Big Jim is a bit too old-school for me... I was a Child of MOTU, but was aware of Big Jim.
Now He-Ro: Son of He-Man does not have that luck...
It's own title betrays it... SON OF HE-MAN... Seems like it's relying too much on the old He-Man to stand. The Main character is a ginger version of Space He-Man... The bad guy is pretty much a  Hot Topic Raiding Skeletor. Dare is very likely to invoke upon the Power of Grayskull...

THIS is why I've been a fan of the following idea: If a new generation of warriors has to battle for the fate of Eternia, it better be centuries AFTER the ERA OF ADAM.

Why do I believe in that? It's not that simple, nor that complicated... It's a bit elaborate.

It gives the brand enough space to distance itself from the MOTU Roots but at the same time call upon them if needed. If barbarians are no longer in, then the distancing from the Barbaric Eternia of He-Man's time allows one to have a more civilized hero... (Translation: He has PANTS!!)
That way the nods to the fans of He-Man are just nods like invoking the Power of Grayskull to transform. Maybe a mention about the Legendary Hero: He-Man. That way there is a link to the previous line but not all the baggage that MOTU has. Sadly, Mattel chose poorly here.

By sticking He-Ro too close to He-Man's timeline, they're forcing an additional burden to it. The brand most likely WILL carry a lot of the baggage and stigma that MOTU has... (Mattel caused a LOT of the bad Stigma that MOTU has today when they messed up 200X) and could end up being a failure. You can't have it both ways (distancing it a lot but remaining close enough to MOTU) by having the next Generation in the same "lifetime" of the previous generation. I've ranted about the effects of having He-Man's successor during his lifetime and how it damages MOTU canonically speaking. Well, it also damages He-Ro: Son-of-He-Man since it forces Dare to live under He-Man's Shadow both canonically and as a toy brand.

If you can't get Part 1 of the story off the ground, don't bother trying to get part IV out!

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