Mar 24, 2014

Making He-Ro: the Son of He-Man work...

Y'all should already know that I DETEST, LOATHE, DESPISE, HATE and simply do not like the idea of He-Ro: the Son of He-Man. (especially in MOTUC), but instead of going on another tiresome tirade on why that idea sucks ass; I'll try to see HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR ME. This is just a bunch of ideas put in a semi coherent manner. I'm not a professional writer, so bear with me.

Instead of starting with Dare the He-Ro II, I'm going to start with Skeleteen.
First: Let's Take Care of Skeleteen's Name: He is NOT Skeleteen. He is ______: The Son of Skeletor, Leader of the SONS OF SKELETOR. The SOS are a cult-like band of Evildoers (some are part of Skeletor's OWN Evil Warriors, others are New villains) this is an obvious sign that Skeletor's forces split after the Fall of Skeletor. I'll take the Neitlichverse's idea that Jitsu became the leader of the evil warriors and he's at war with the Sons of Skeletor.

The War against Jitsu:
Jitsu wants to rule the Dark Hemisphere. The Sons of Skeletor want to follow Skeletor's plan: Conquer Grayskull and Eternia. They are at war with Jitsu, since Jitsu took over Snake Mountain, Skeletor's headquarters.  The SOS want Snake Mountain due to it's strong connection to Skeletor.

Jitsu's Forces:
Jitsu rules Snake Mountain with an Iron Fist. He keeps most of his evil-doing on the Dark Hemisphere, while occasionally venturing to the Light Hemisphere. He wants nothing to do with Eternos and their He-Man King.

The Sons of Skeletor:
As stated before, they are a cult-like band of evildoers who seek to take over Eternia in Skeletor's name and to revive Skeletor. The idea to revive Skeletor was planted in The Son of Skeletor's head by Demo-Man. (Without a Physical Body, Demo-Man cannot walk on this plane of existence.) His role is similar to Gatchaman's Sosai X.

Now let's focus on the side of good.

Adam, King of Eternos: While he is now Locked in "He-Man" Mode, he retook his birthname and rules as Adam, King of Eternia, also known as the He-Man King. His "Son" is Dare, Prince of Etheria and Son of Adora: The Lost Princess of Eternia. I'm taking this cue from the Lou Scheimer pitch for the main reason that if Adam is STILL He-Man, then how can He-Ro get his power. Using the sword of Protection, of course! Adora and Her Husband are MIA, so Dare was raised by Adam as if he was his own son. there IS a Reason why Adam distances from his He-Man past. Politics. His status as KING AND HE-MAN has put all of Eternia a bit wary about the Heroic King. In order to avoid political unrest between the nations of the Light Hemisphere, He-Man's heroic acts have taken a backseat. This also explains why DARE HAS a SECRET ID.

Dare: I hate the idea of Killing Adora, but it's the only way to make Dare as He-Ro work with a He-Man still alive. I know I'm going to be accused of Ripping off DBZ here, but I think that Dare should be ginger and HE-RO II should be blond. No, it's not because of a DBZ reference, but to distance Dare from He-Ro AND to have a nod to his Mother with the blond hair.
Now with that said, I'd also Distance He-Ro II's design from ANY He-Man design for a couple of reasons:
  • Silver NA He-Man look is extremely derivative and unoriginal. 
  • Since I suggested he's using the sword of protection then his design should take SOME cues from She-Ra's look.
  • Canonical reasons: He-Man "retired" and "can't come back" in order to Keep the Fragile Peace after UBII.
Dare should look like a Teenage Boy but He-Ro II should be a grown man Similar to the 200X Adam/He-Man transformation to further distance Dare from He-Ro.

The Heroic Warriors:
Like those warriors from Randor's time, the new Heroic Warriors are a force from the various peoples of the Light Hemisphere. Their Leader is The Mighty Spector. The reason for that is that Spector, like Duncan before him is a Soldier of the Royal Army of Eternos. Sir-Laser-Lot is not fit to be a leader in the future... (Especially 5000 years into the Future) and we know of no other SOH Heroes aside Spector and SLL.

Dare needs a Female character to fill in the Teela Role. The Scheimer pitch included the Kay-La girl who was pretty much a 90s Albino Teela. So far Neitlich has made a Fest du Sausage out of Son of He-Man and the last MOTU iteration that was a Sausagefest was NA and we know how that ended... It's currently the least popular branch...

Now I've avoided touching the Trollan... for obvious reasons.
Let's deal with Gorpo, Shall we?
First things first:
  • GORPO SHOULD NOT BE THE UNNAMED ONE. He SERVES the UNO and acts as his proxy, but he is NOT The UNO. He is simply one of the UNO's loyal servants who does the UNO's bidding. The true UNO can speak THROUGH Gorpo.
  • While Gorpo acts as "High Mage" to the Sons of Skeletor, they seem to obey Demo-Man since he has a strong connection to Skeletor.
  • Gorpo's relationship with Demo-Man should be similar to that of Starscream and Megatron. It's a well known fact that Gorpo wants to take down Demo-Man to rule the SOS and then take Eternia for the UNO.
You know what I realized? It's nearly impossible to make Son of He-Man work... I tried to make it slightly more palatable, but It's STILL A WATERED DOWN COPY OF MOTU. THAT is the problem with Son of He-Man... No matter how hard you try, it'll be unable to step out of He-Man's shadow.

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