Mar 1, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Modular locking is his name and also his game

Mod-U-Lok!! Is finally here... Although some combinations make a nod or two to Matty's Huge Mattyplooza Typo... More on that Later. So, the Beast of a Thousand Bodies is Finally within my grasp.

Who is he? Well, He's a tough cookie since he has multiple origins. Therefore I'm letting someone else explain him. Check out this video explaining MODULOK from Scrolls of Eternia.

Now that you know who is he, or are confused due to the multiple origins, let's check out the figure itself... Don't worry since confusion IS good when Dealing With Modulok and his multiple forms. (More Moduloks, more fun!) He sold out like hotcakes...I couldn't get through Matty on time and missed out on him... well a second Modulok that was to become the Filmation version... Vintagized... Oh well!

Seriously, you need to "butcher" 2 Moduloks to make the Filmation version. (you have to mod 3 legs and two arms, not to mention repainting pieces... Will Explain Later.)

Like Granamyr or the Wind Raider, Moddy comes in a box with Art by Axel Gimenez. Once we open the box, we find him and his pieces. I'm surprised that they sent him in a Bipedal configuration especially since the bio mentions he mailed himself in pieces. While looking like the Vintage toy, there are a couple of differences with the classics version, aside paint, sculpt and articulation.

The changes on how the pieces connect is due to the standard MOTUC engineering. Due to Engineering we can no longer split Modulok at the waist. Pointing it out, not complaining.

So here's a look on how assembling Moddy works: (Warning semi-inappropriate Modulok Configuration)

Now we can move on to the ratings part:
Modulok's strength is his modular pieces. All of the limbs have a Decent Range of Articulation rivaling normal MOTUC Figures. His legs reach Mantenna territory with his excellent range of articulation and Rocker feet. The joints are SUPER TIGHT yo! 5.0 for him here!

Paint and Sculpt: 
The Horsemen and Mattel Design knocked it out of the park... (I bitch and moan about design messing up, but I have to praise them
when they do good. This is one of those rare instances when they did good.) The only minor complaint is his crotch, which looks weird on a bipedal configuration. They had to widen it so his legs look off on a bipedal configuration. Now Paintwise, the figure is not a monochromatic red like the vintage one. His Chitinous  appearance was enhanced by the horsemen and delightfully painted with a more maroonish color on the "softer areas" while the Red color is on the "Caparace" pieces. Sadly, there is a little bit of maroon that flakes off some pieces (mostly the joints.) While it hasn't reached critical levels, I must point it out. Modulok gets a 5.0 here due to the 5 point system I use. (I can't do a 4.8 here or anything like that.)

He has his modular gun that splits in two... Sadly, it's a bit TOO gummy. He also possesses
a buttload of extra parts... buttload here is intentional since you end up with an extra butt when assembling him.  One piece is left hanging and it's a butt... wait...

I can make 1.5 Figures out of a Single Modulok and I still have parts to spare... I guess that he deserves a 5.0 here.

Well, Modulok gets a 5.0 He is solid, but he lacks something... I'll give you a hint... Modulok has given us a hint of what he lacks with his Multiple Butts... Get it? Multi-Butt, Multi-Bot... Because the BEST WAY to display Modulok is as MEGABEAST!! Seriously, If I can pull off 2 Figures with Modulok, I can't wait to see what I'll pull off with Multi-Bot!

So, you're a Filmation Fan who wants a close as possible to Filmation Modulok and happens to have 2  spare MOTUC Moduloks, some Green and Purple Paint matching Moddy's green and purple. Don't forget the black paint!
Before you start making your own Filmation Modulok, here are a few warnings and Disclaimers.
I'm not telling you DO IT, just How to do it. You're doing this at your own risk. I am NOT RESPONSIBLE if you break your Modulok or if you hurt yourself...

Take the Legs of the Green Knee Pad Moddy and pop them off at the knee. Since the knees are on a ball joint they are easier to pop off after warming up the knee. You can search online for a tutorial to do so.
Do the same thing to the White Claw feet.
Now Pop the SMOOTH UPPER LEGS from the Green Knee Moddy into the White Clawed Feet.
Now you have the base for the Filmation Modulok Legs (All 3 of them)

Now we take the Smooth arms and pop off the elbows. (Warm up the elbow and push the pin out. Similar to the Disassembly for the Forearm switch that had to be done with Frosta and Stinkor. Remember to look for a tutorial on how to do this.)
We do the same thing to the Clawed arms.
We have 4 Dissassembled arms. Now we take the SMOOTH RED Upper arm and attach the LOWER Arm from the Claw Arm by reheating the lower arm and passing the pin through (This part is a bit of a pain) When you're done you should have a pair of smooth upper arms with the clawed forearms and three legs with smooth thighs and clawed feet...
If you want take the right claw from the second Modulok and pop off the hand (Again, look for a tutorial) then pop off the left claw from the modded arm. Pop the Right Claw on the modern left arm and you have a closer to Filmation Left Arm for Moddy.

Wash the Legs, Torso and crotch in soapy water to remove the mold release from the figure...
Let the pieces dry.
Once the pieces are dry, you carefully paint the Figure with the Greens, Purples and Blacks to mimic the FILMATION Look on Modulok. I even posted a pic of him so you can use it as a reference.
You may have to seal the figure's paints so you may have to look for a tutorial to do so.

Alternate idea: while not Filmation Accurate, you could substitute the Black for the Maroon on the leg joints. Less issues with paint rub.

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