Mar 21, 2014

Now THIS is Extreme hide and Seek

I'm a huge fan of Hide and Seek. I loved playing that game as a child, teen and young adult. I can get a bit TOO Competitive... Using Camo and Facepaint, making decoys. Sadly I'm no match against soldiers, much less a Navy SEAL... Which brings me to the point of this rant.

Lone Target (aka Manhunt) from Discovery Channel is basically a show where a Navy SEAL plays Hide and Seek* with various law enforcement and Military Agencies throughout the globe.

*=Training Exercises for Manhunts... in other words Real World Hide and Seek.

It's a shame that Discovery is not showing the episodes anymore... No idea if it was cancelled, but it IS a cool show and better than most of their non-Mythbusters shows... Getting tired of Alaska this, Alaska that, Moonshine, gold diggers (The literal ones, not the skanks who want money) and the other Discovery shows.

It does have a bit of a Man vs Wild appeal, but the Host doesn't do over the top stuff like Bear Grylls for show. What I mean is that it's entertaining and action-packed while having a few survive against the elements theme... with the twist of being chased by the law. Honestly, this is one of the few Discovery Channel shows that make me feel very excited to watch.

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