Mar 1, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Book Princess and Rainbow Athlethe

It's been a while since I've reviewed an Equestrian. Since It's the National Derpy Day, I'm doin an MLP Review.

I got this set as a present since everyone knows that I like My Twilight Sparkle wingless. But Gift Horse and all that... (At least this stopped me from getting her castle, which I was considering)
Crystal Princess Celebration time!
It's an older set from the Crystal Empire wave. The other 2 Pack was AJ with Cadance...

Seriously, Why AJ with Cadance?

I think this complements the Pinkie Pie and Celestia and the Luna and Rarity sets.

If you've seen those reviews you'll have an idea on how this one will go.

Rainbow Dash is pretty much same old Rainbow Dash, minus accessories. Those barrettes, comb and Necklace are property of Princess Twilight Sparkle.
Twilight on the other hand is in the Luna/Cadance buck. Now that I think about it, Shouldn't Twilight be Twily's head on the Rainbow Dash body... Looks like Fashion Scale Princess Twilight Sparkle is the only correctly made Twilicorn. Yes, Twilight has tinsel in her mane now...

So, we should just go for the ratings part...

Rainbow Dash has 1PoA, her head. This is nothing new on the playful scale ponies. Twilight is just the same, even though her Princess wings are slightly softer (as seen on Luna, Celestia and Cadance) she still has only 1 PoA.
As a normal toy they'd get a 1.0, but since this is normal to MLP toys they get a 4.0

Paint and Sculpt:
I've already complained about rooted hair not making them cartoon accurate. I mentioned above why I dislike the Twilicorn body. As always, the little paint the ponies have, is made by tampographs on the eyes and cutie marks. Everything else is bare. Surprisingly they painted the crown on Twilight's Element of Harmony tiara... The same one that Supreme Mega Bitch stole and sent to the Human world... So, 2.0 for Rainbow and 1.5 for Twilight.

There's 5 of them. Only the comb is meant for both... OK, you could use the barrettes on RD if you wish, but let's face it: RD is not into those girly things... Neither is Twilight, but Being a Princess and all that. 3.0

OK, so Rainbow Dash gets an overall score of  2.0(3.0 with the Pony curve) while Twily gets a 1.83 (2.83 with the curve)

So, the pack gets an overall score of 2.92 with the Pony curve. The biggest hit to the score was the Cadance/Luna buck for Twilight. Unless Twilight grows in size for the time she gets a Castle... (guessing that Rainbow Power is inside the box.)

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