Mar 11, 2014

Club Etheria did not Reach the 100% needed... but it's still happening.

It "allegedly reached" a 97% according to the Neitlich.
You have the power She-Ra fans! Or is that the honor?! Either way, we just hit our mark for the 2014 Princess of Power Club Etheria sub with 97% of the minimum we needed. While not exactly 100%, that is so darn close and we don’t want to be a Twigget in the mud over a few points so the sub is definitely going through!

We will, however, be adjusting production and it is likely the quotas for any potential day-of stock for the Club Etheria figures will be EXTREMELY low. But the good news is if you are a sub holder, not only are you getting six amazing POP figures and the incredible Light Hope figure, but big picture we have taken another HUGE step in completing the vintage road map! The POP sub secures the 2014 POP figures and leaves us free to now add new and additional POP figures to 2015, and assuming we sell-in the 2015 sub, we will indeed finish off both the vintage MOTU and POP lines in Classics – as well as some other A-list figs from media and other sources!

So way to go She-Ra fans! We couldn’t be more excited and are ready to gear up now to sell-in the 2015 sub and truly make toy history! A huge sincere thanks to all the POP fans who went above and beyond to help promote Club Etheria, run match campaigns, run banner ads, and help keep the heat on – we couldn’t have done it without you. We made it to another huge milestone and the best is yet to come.

For the Honor of Grayskull!!!

Scott N.
3 Percent off the actual Goal for Club Etheria. We had no "Sneak peeks"aside the Sweet Bee Helmet when the sub was announced. We didn't get an email with an Accessory from one of the remaining 2 slots unlike the Filmation sub. I smell some humongous amounts of... See the Sonic Pic.
I remember that the Filmation sub did worse than Mattel expected last year, but recently we heard that it did great... Which one is the truth and which one is (See Sonic Pic)

I know what some may be thinking:
Gee, Nefty, why are you bitching about POP when the sub went through? You should be happy you're getting Madame Razz, Double Trouble, Entrapta, Sweet Bee, Light Hope and whoever hasn't been announced yet.

I'm happy about that, but there's a part of me that feels that we're being fed some Grade A (See Sonic Pic)!!

Methinks that the sub made it, barely... perhaps it hit the exact 100% or got 101% percent of the subs needed. Why not mention this? Simple:
Vintage Purists need to feel "superior". The sub not quite making it still gives them Ammo... They can still rub POP fans faces with the infamous 97%

Mattel may have heard the rumblings of POP Fans who would not subscribe for 2015 if the Club Etheria sub did not make it... Heck Even the poll made on showed that nearly half of the POP subscribers that answered the poll would bail on 2015.

At the same time, that "97%" is not something to dismiss so easily. 

Tinfoil hats off, Please!

In any case it's a good thing that this sub went through. I get Madam Razz and a sizable chunk of POP and we could actually fill in the POP AND Original MOTU Rosters by the end of 2015!! So, it seems that we only have one more Sub rush to deal with... (or 2 if they make a New Adventures Mini Sub)

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