Mar 10, 2014

The final hours of the POP Sub... Neitlich set us up the bomb

Well, this weekend Neitlich gave a "State of the Union Message" regarding the POP Sub on the Matty Forums. Here's a transcript of what he said in case the post vanishes.


We're literally in the home stretch here! We entered the weekend at about 78% which is a really good thing as we tend to get 20% of our sales in the last 48 hours! We were powerful out of the gate but the sub quickly sunk well below Club Filmation levels. But it looks like all the efforts the POP fans have been making are really paying off. We can't thank you POP fans enough for the great banner ads, Sub match campaigns and helping get the word out.

A few questions have popped up on the boards and I wanted to repeat the info here in one place:

1: subs can be combined as long as you use the same credit card, address and shipping method. If you want to change these use the my sub portal. To change your monthly vs. quarterly option you will need to call CS.

2: The POP sub will have all females (except Light Hope and I guess Broom!). It will be a mix of all things POP which means you could see vintage toys, other media (ie Filmation, mini comic, etc...) variants, or prototype figs. But all will be "POP related" in some major way.

3: to squash a rumor, Mermista is not in the sub.

4: there will still be POP in Q4 of the main sub and at least 3 spots planned for 2015 should the sub hit. If it does not, the first three POP sub figs will become the POP slots in 2015. So we so need to get the POP sub to finish all vintage POP and major media POP (ie Razz) by 2015. - but as I said above, we are close!

With all this said, lets make POP 30th happen and than go on for a strong 2015 sub. Toy History is a year away, we can do this!
He's praising POP Fans (which doesn't happen very often.) and he believes we will make it. I hope so too.

Here's some music to accompany this POP Sub Final Day!

Point 1 is standard Sub Combining info that has to be reminded because Mattycollector/Digital River CAN BE a bit confusing.

The following Points are where  Toyguru set us up the Bomb!
OK, Light Hope (and Broom) being the only males from the sub is not a big surprise. Variants, Prototypes, characters from other Media (Mini Comics, Filmation, etc.) is where he dropped a big one.

What does this mean? Well this means that:
  • We COULD Be Getting a Filmation Character. (ie Granita, Hunga or Huntara)
  • Variants? What? a Toy Variant of Catra seems likely if Sweet Bee is coming.
  • Despara is possible. Other Media, CHECK! Variant: CHECK! POP Related: CHECK! 
  • Prototype? Well, the only Protoypes we had were the Star Sisters and we got those. Could it be the Concept She-Ra? It could also be the Neitlichverse's own NA She-Ra.
This part worries me a little bit, if I'm honest. Core A-List Roadmap doesn't have space for Prototypes and Concepts. Getting all the POP Characters with toys in the 80s (minus variants) Before the end of 2015 doesn't benefit with Concepts, Prototypes, etc. added on.

Speaking of which... Mermista eez not on zee sub! 
She might be another victim of the Kidnapping for 2015. This is scary... Now WHO could fill in that $30 slot... heheh I said slot... All (lame) jokes aside, we don't have that many characters that would fill that slot.
I don't believe it's Angella. If we're getting Flutterina and Sweet Bee as standard figures, we got Draego, Mantenna, and Dactus as normal figures, then I don't see why Angella would be more expensive to make. While Peekable may have many paint hits if the feathers are made Vintage Toy-Like, I don't think it'll be her. Personally I lean more towards Spinnerella.
All those Tassels that may need details and one important thing: 
photo from

Her Spinning Stand. She only has the overused POP Shield, Comb could be axed after the Failure that was the Combwhip. If the stand is made and allows her to spin, then we can see a reason for the increase in her price.

Some have mentioned Granita for the $30 item.
While I KINDA want her, I'm NOT DYING to get her. Couple of reasons for that: She's neither a Vintage POP Toy nor a core Filmation POP character.
There is some speculation about Hunga the Harpy... I could totally live without a Hunga in my collection... and while she needs a buttload of new tooling, I just don't see her as a $30 item.

The Following point IS a Shocker... There WILL BE A POP Item in Q4 of 2014...  (Huntara could be one of the items since she won the poll on 2013) We KNOW the items all the way to October (Eldor) We now know that:
  • A Snakeman is supposedly coming in 2014 and the other in 2015
  • A Movie Figure would show up in 2014 leaving the last one to 2015
  • We're getting a POP item in the fourth Quarter of 2014.
We are missing: November's Item, the Q4 Large Scale Item ($38) December's Item and the Holiday Item ($35) That's 4 slots right there. 

I wonder if the $38 item is Clawdeen, it fits the POP item slot in the main sub. It's a cheaper to produce item since we're getting Battle Lion (who costs $38) AND it also give the Horde A Steed.

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