Mar 27, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: SCUBA Diving for Eternia and Primus

Hydron is FINALLY HERE!! The second super important New Adventures Heroic Character has finally arrived to my shelves... (all I need now is Flogg and Skeletor and I'd have the start of a Decent New Adventures Display.)

So, like I said, Hydron is the second super important heroic NA character, because he and Flipshot make the Primus Duo who come and pick-up He-Man. (and She-Ra in MOTUC Canon)
If we get 1-2 More NA Heroes, it'll be a Miracle.
He brought his own fork!

He's considered the lamest New Adventures Hero since he's the SCUBA Guy... I kinda agree, but he's a core character and deserves his spot.

Now that uh, we discussed who is Hydron, I guess we can go to the Ratings part.

His Articulation is Hindered by his Bulky Armor... DAMMIT RUBEN!! His joints are super tight, other than that he's got enough for an Average Male Figure.4.0
He's got to be biting that thing to hold it in.

Chubby Hydron Joke doesn't work because
he needs a second head without the Breathing

 Paint and Sculpt:
There's a LOT of New Tooling on him... Personally, I thought they'd reuse more parts on him. Gladly, he got new SCUBA diver feet with flippers. I feared we'd get the Duck feet... There is one major issue I have with his sculpt and it's on his head... It reminds me of something...  Also, the Tubes from his SCUBA Tank are too high on his face... Aside those two issues, Hydron gets a 5.0 here.

Oh, second head, where art thou!? We needed something else besides the Bane Head. Hydron was already an accessory-light figure. No, his SCUBA GEAR DOES NOT COUNT AS ACCESSORIES... 1.0

 Here, Hydron gets a 3.33 as his final score. He's not that exciting as a character. Design keeps dropping the ball with the vests, but we can't do anything about it. I wish his tank and Weapon had gotten some more paint to make them pop a bit more. The little paint hits they got blend with the main yellow and can't be captured by the camera.

 Obviously, the lack of a second head hurts his score a little bit.

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