Mar 6, 2014

I guess the Achmed Movie will be a Bomb... Get it? a Bomb!!

That pathetic piece of an attempt at a lame joke is even funnier than the Actual Jeff Dunham's Achmed the Dead Terrorist movie trailer.

So, let's get some things out of the way: While his act is often seen by many as sexist, homophobic and racist, which I agree with; I cannot pretend to be a hyper moralistic warrior because I have laughed at some of his jokes. Even Family Friendly Disney Channel has relied on Mr. Dunham...

He might be 95% of the time politically incorrect, but he can be funny at times... Sadly, the following trailer is not one of those times.

Watch at your own risk:

The first thing you'll notice is that this is an ANIMATED MOVIE!! Jeff Dunham's whole shtick is that he's a Ventriloquist!! doing an animated feature defeats the whole appeal of watching the adventures of the dummy.

Second: It's NOT Funny. I laugh at fart jokes and the name "Felipe" for crying out loud!!

Third: It looks cheap... and I mean, I've seen fan-made animations that look better than this.

The only positive thing I can see with this is that WHEN it bombs (The whole Straight to video helps confirm it's bomb status) Dunham can use the failure of the movie to make some self-deprecating jokes.

If I could ask Jeff Dunham one question it would be: WHY?

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