Mar 19, 2014

Spring is coming and I have to clean the MOTUC

While I could use this as another excuse to post Winter Wrap-Up, I'll refrain myself from doing so. Even if Tomorrow Spring is here! Well, while preparing to receive Spring... a 1-3 Degree Difference here in the Caribbean, but a much greater difference for my pals up North... They have snow... I'd like some snow... but back on topic: Spring is coming and that means Spring Cleaning... yay...
I have a gargantuan task ahead of me... Cleaning up the MOTUC Shelves... My chaotic display is a barbaric battle scene in front of 200X Grayskull... (Working at a Snail's Pace to make a Custom one that would be worthy of MOTUC Scalewise... Cause the Horsemen did a great job on Castle Grayskull, but it feels a bit small for my tastes.)

So, cleaning up the shelves... My shelves attract dust like crazy, but that's not what I'm going to rant about...
This is not even close a complete collection. I've skipped some
figures and I've missed others.
Here's the MOTU Shelf... No NA or POP on this shelf due to space reasons, hence the lack of Horde here since they're POP too! She-Ra is here since I have Adam and Adora on the POP shelf. The steeds and wind Raider are missing for the same reason. The point I'm trying to make is: Holy crap! Look at how much stuff we've gotten... and this is what you can see on the pic.

I started on October 2009 with Teela as my first MOTUC... Here's a Pic I took about 4 years ago.

Look at how barren that shelf looks... I had to pad out the display with 200X Orko. This Evolved into the pic above.

Of course I usually save the POP Gals for another shelf that I recently had to rearrange due to Christmas being over over 2 months ago... (Lazy, lazy) there are a couple of MOTU folks in there, but it's mostly due to the whole He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special Spirit of things.

As much as I complain about Mattel's boneheaded moves (roster selection, canon, design choices, etc.)
The 'Adult Collector' thing allows me to do immature humor
and call it 'Mature' Content
I look at my shelves and see that I have figures that I NEVER HAD AS A KID or as a young Adult.

I've commented about this before, but sometimes an image speaks better than a thousand words.

All the whining, complaining, bitching and moaning comes out of love for the property. My original plan was get a few key characters and get out... Look how well that worked out...
Hell I even got a BLUE STAN LEE...

Spring Cleaning can be one heck of a chore at times, but going over EACH figure with the brush (more intimate and time consuming than using the compressed air) allows me to appreciate each figure more... even those who I don't like that much like Geldor or Plundor.  While I'm going to have a long chore ahead of me, it'll be fun and being able to get reacquainted with some MOTUC figures.


  1. I just did some major spring cleaning on my MOTUC display. I actually moved all of my figures from my study to a much larger display area in my hobby room where I was able to give each figure more room. I ended up buying those black metal doll stands for each figure so there is no risk of anyone falling and starting a domino effect. It looks great!

    My summer plan is to work on some more backdrops and space for my MOTUC collection in that room.

    1. I'm still working on a new set of Shelves for the MOTUC (My custom Grayskull is part of that, but life and other issues have gotten in the way)

      I've tried stands, but since I love to pose them in dynamic poses, the stands kinda get in the way. That's the beauty of it. Different ways to display the collection and all that!