Mar 3, 2014

Characters that I'd like in MOTUC but won't happen.

Yes, I'm going to make a list of folks that I'd like to see in MOTUC and they have...

As the song said... Here's my list of figures who have NO CHANCE IN HELL to make it into MOTUC:

Let's start the list with Illumina.
The Controversial Illumina. Why is she controversial? Well... She was one of the choices for the fan pick poll. She allegedly came
in second place when Mattel closed the poll one day earlier. There are some rumors going around regarding why the polls were closed
earlier and Geldor "conveniently" won. One of these rumors is that Mattel are not the owners of her likeness.
I'm not going to go deep due to the legalese and other mumbo jumbo that would explain why she is undoable. Point is I want her, but
She can't be made.

Next on my list is Melaktha.
I'm sure that y'all have noticed that I mention him A LOT. He's one of my most wanted Filmation characters and I mention him often.
I know he lacks the "Toy Factor" which is one of the many reasons why he'll never make it in Classics. While he is not super toyetic
he can help tie loose ends with the canon.

My next Character is Sortech.
He lacks the whole Action Figure Worthiness and is pretty much a Glorified Diorama Piece. (We kinda have his arms with Modulok)
He's mostly an excuse for Mattel to make the 200X Mech-Battle Armors that should come with him. Logistics is the main issue against him,
followed by the whole "glorified diorama" thing.

Drissi Follows Sortech on this list.
New Adventures Cartoon Character + Female are the two main reasons stacked against her. We have almost all the pieces needed to make her,
but she is not that high on the totem pole.

The Scientists of Primus are the second set of figures that have NO CHANCE in HELL to make it in MOTUC.
First: Almost everyone hates them (including me to an extent.) Their Huge amount of appearances is what
makes me accept them reluctantly.
Second: It would be a 4 Pack. People still bitch to this day about the Star Sisters. Imagine what they'd do with a 4 pack of the most
annoying characters of the entire New Adventures Canon.
Third: Buttloads of new Tooling Required to make them.

Star Child is next.
Guess why she's here: Tooling. Also, Mattel would want us to pay Full price for her. I fear she'd end up like Kowl with super Limited Articulation.

Kothos comes up next on this list.
The main reason for him not to be made is his single use body. But he would have been WAY BETTER than Nepthu.

Teen Adam and Teela:
While we have a few pieces for him (From Modulok) Maximizing Slots put them in the back burner especially when there are "more important variants" like
BS Hordak that "need to be made".

Sadly, I have a feeling that we'll see He-Ro: Son of He-Man stuff before we see these folks.

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