Mar 11, 2014

The Flash Costume was Revealed...

And it is GLORIOUS...
OK, it's not as awesome as the 1990s Flash Series, but it's decent for a Nu-52/Nolanverse inspired thing...
Oh yeah! I went there!

So, what do I think of the CW's Flash suit? (Aside that it's Glorious) well...

It Looks like The Flash's Costume and not something he scrounged up from Goodwill. *cough couch* Smallville costumes *cough cough*

The grimdark Maroon. I know this is a nitpick but look at John Wesley Shipp's Flash Costume. Aside the Muscle shading on the suit itself, it looks like the Flash's suit, bright colors and all! I understand Batman and Green Arrow getting a muted palette, but folks like Flash, Superman or Wonder Woman NEED their Flashy colors...

The loss of the Wings on the Suit.
Before People bitch and moan about me bitching and moaning about such a "silly thing"; hear me out.
The Lightning Bolt may be the Insignia on his chest but the WINGS are the REAL Symbol of Flash's Super Speed...

Who wore a winged hat and winged footwear?
I'll give you a hint: Greek God.
Give up? It's Hermes, The Messenger!
Those "Silly-ass wings" are the things that make most sense in a Speedster's suit. The Golden Wings at his ankles and head are BLATANT symbols of Hermes. The Lightning on him is a more confusing symbol since Flash doesn't shoot Lightning. He's AS FAST AS Lightning.

Sure it seems that there are more cons than pros, but my cons are more nitpick-like than True Complaints. I can tolerate the Maroon, but I am disappointed in the lack of wings. In any case
I'm super excited about this, especially since Dawson's dad will be on the new series... Perhaps Jay Garrick?

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