Mar 22, 2014

Jon Chu is even MORE Outrageous than I thought...

He really is Outrageous. We saw the whole "Creativity Kickstarter campaign" already...
What we did not know is that production of JEM the movie is going forth WITHOUT any input from a JEM Writer who wrote 23 out of the 65 episodes. I'm talking about Christy Marx, creator of JEM.
I think this is a load of crap. Marx's importance to JEM rivals that of Larry Hama to GI Joe. Not having Marx as an adviser for character development would be disrespectful to the franchise.

I'm already worried that the current JEM team is a Sausage Fest. It seems that Ms. Marx is worried about it too. It's important to have a female voice in a movie that is geared at females... For obvious reasons.

Now since the movie is taking suggestions from fans with the whole #JemtheMovie thing, fans have taken the initiative to add the #WeNeedChristy whenever they hype #JemtheMovie on twitter.
HOPEFULLY Chu and company can realize that having Christy Marx as an adviser is an EXCELLENT IDEA!

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