Mar 14, 2014

Son of He-Man Era, Yikes!!

The infamous Mini-Comic that comes with Gorpo revealed a ton of stuff... I discussed some of it on my fourth UNO Rant.
Seems that we ARE getting Son of He-Man stuff in MOTUC and the headliner is rather lame...
Vykron bracers on a NA He-Man body with Normal He-Man boots... Toyguru claims that THAT DESIGN was what was originally made for Dare, which was replaced by He-Man and the era became New Adventures. Methinks there's a bit of ♠ going around here and that History is being mildly rewritten. OK, let's accept that Dare's look was what eventually became NA He-Man.
So, we're expected to pay 2015 prices for a Red-haired NA He-Man repaint with the Vintage Power Sword and boots? (yay... another power sword for the pile)

This brand new Era starts with a lousy He-Man Repaint... Not even a new look using the Teenage buck or anything. This makes the already tough to swallow He-Ro: Son of He-Man pill even tougher.
While I'm not too fond of the OTHER He-Ro II Design, that design is a bit LESS derivative of He-Man than NA He-Man in Silver armor with Vykron forearms and He-Man boots.

Here is where Scott Neitlich should have said:
Draego-Man was super appreciated by the fans. Let's leave Dare for the Horsemen to do their own take on the character. and allow a redesign for the character that:

  • Does not look like a He-Man Repaint
  • Does not wear He-Man Hand-me-downs
  • Makes people excited about the H-R:SoH-M Era
Sadly this Dare/He-Ro II does none of that.

On the other side of the coin we have Skeleteen... who looks like a Liefeldian Nightmare. A Cool Dare design would have helped me swallow the Skeleteen disaster.

Not Only Skeleteen is a Son of He-Man villain but he is accompanied by the Older Beastman and Goatman (going by Klacky's bio.) Now we add Gorpo and Demo-Man to the mix... Basically ♠ is now retconning characters to pad the Son of He-Man era. We have Sir-Loser-Lot as the SoH Man-at-Arms, we have the Purple Deadpool Looking Mary Sue that now Rips-off Spider-Man. That doesn't stop there... There is one thing that bugs me from that mini comic... We MAY SEE Some of the Create a Character Finalists as Son of He-Man characters... Netta is now Canon... a Walking Net with a wig is a MOTU Character now... That's horrible news, but at the same time some of the 2011 Create a Character Finalists kick so much butt...

There is one thing I've been avoiding, which in a way is good...
Getting a Despara Figure: Awesome
Her role in MOTUC Canon: LAME!!
Once again, the Bio writing team overcomplicated the story. Despara is now The MOTUC Equivalent of D.Orko... but with She-Ra... Dark She-Ra!!  Which shows the lack of understanding of the She-Ra character.

Her story is a story of Redemption. If she ends up becoming the next Horde Prime, then she failed miserably.
If she is the "Hordak" of the Son of He-Man Era, then she's Dare's evil aunt... (haven't we seen the whole evil Uncle/nephew relationship somewhere? But what if Adora is Dare's Mother? Dun dun dunnnn! *eagle cry*)
Why couldn't we get Despara as Adora when she was with the Horde. Her excuse to appear in the comic, She-Ra is battling her Inner Demon made physical thanks to Horde Prime's power.
But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... Mattel chose to make Adora the New Darth Vader.

Then the unavoidable Reborn Skeletor... who looks a lot like the horrible DC Skeletor from the crossover.
While he MAY or MAY NOT BE son of He-Man, we're seeing Mattel's attempt at "Synergy" by bringing back the BEST and WORST from the DC Comics to MOTU... in the worst possible way. Now Skeletor, Keldor and Demo-Man are 3 Separate Entities. Good, right?
It's basically using a concept character that evolved into Skeletor and making him a Key Player. then with Despara is making a Dark She-Ra out of Force Captain Adora... which reeks of Snake-Man-at-Arms-itis... Guessing she COULD die on the 2015 Sub Exclusive comic.

What bugs me the most of this, which we see in the mini-comic that came with Gorpo, is that NA and POP are swept under the rug in order to promote the Neitlichverse.

That is problematic. It's almost like the self-fulfilling prophecy of "female characters just don't sell"...
Well, we have the "New Adventures characters don't sell" prophecy. So, instead of using NA Characters to aid He-Man in the Final Battle at Trolla, we get the Create a Character losers duking it out. Netta has now more street-cred than Kayo... (Oh God! Now that Netta is canon I fear the R34 art of her) How can Mattel make NA More Appealing when they don't even use the characters!?

Seriously, in order to avoid using NA Characters, Neitlich relied on the finalists of the 80s Create a Character contest... In my eyes saying that NA is lame and obscure while relying on Netta or Eyebeam as far better characters that need the spotlight, stinks of hypocrisy.

Back to the main topic:The Son of He-Man Era... The Main two have a huge issue and it's their too derivative designs. There doesn't seem to be any "new characters" since a recurring theme in the Son of He-Man era is stealing characters from other parts of the mythos and call them SoHM dudes.

Problem is that Son of He-Man WILL Bleed into Classics and the slots for Dare and Skeleteen (who I'm almost certain that they ARE coming) are going to push away characters that deserve those slots even more.

Some people may say:
Wait a minute Nefty, but didn't Toyguru said that 2014 and 2015 were the A-list character years and that we'd complete MOTU and POP while getting key characters from the other eras?
Yes, he indeed say something like that. Now that we have Gorpo coming our way, we Kinda Need Dare, since Dare is the Gorposlayer... Now that we have Dare, we kinda need Skeleteen and then the slippery slope fallacy takes over. All jokes aside: think about it. The pic of the mini comic shows SLL, King He-Man, Spider-Spector and Dare. On the other side we have Demo-Man, Gorpo and Skeleteen. By shoving other characters into the era, Neitlich has made people KINDA want them...

Since Dare and Skeleteen are so important now, Mattel can totally push Kayo and Nocturna aside
 in order to have the NA He-Man repaint and Grunge Skeletor as toys.

I personally don't want Son of He-Man stuff in MOTUC... but I'm sure they're coming... I just wish Dare looked less like a lazy custom of NA He-Man and was more his own character. Also, that Skeleteen gets to show up with a Horny Skeletor head so Mattel won't waste a slot on him.

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