Mar 27, 2014

Michael Bay and whoever directed this: I @#% HATE YOU!! (T.A.I.N.T. Trailer)

Yes, the Teenage Alien Invader Ninja Turtles Trailer is here!

The movie is not a Michael Bay Film, but it is... It's almost as if Bay paid whoever's directing to take credit... Seriously Jonathan Liebesman is the new Alan Smithee.

So, unto the Trailer... Blah, blah, Shredderino and April's dad made the Turtles... The Foot don't look like the Foot... The Turtles look uglier than the toys... Megan Fox...
Yup, seems like this one will be a watch at Wal*Mart for free movie... My expectations were already pretty low for this... The Movie trailer made my expectations seem TOO FREAKING HIGH.


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