Mar 20, 2014

Jon Chu is Truly Outrageous

Remember that Jon Chu dude... the one that directs the Bieber Movies? Uh, GI. Joe Retaliation?
The guy who wussed out of MOTU?
Well, he is apparently directing a movie... with Scooter Braun producing... No, it's not a Bieber Movie... It's... I'll let the video promo speak for itself.

JEM!? Now THAT is Truly Outrageous! JEM is SO 80s!! How can she work in the 21st Century!?

A reference to that was to be expected... Now here's the thing. I'm getting some Nasty Tingles from my Spider-sense... The movie will have a "Creativity Kickstarter" No Money, only your creativity and your input is required. This is a double edged sword and it scares me... Also, the people involved so far don't inspire me that much confidence. This almost feels like: "Hey! We're like Doing a Jem Movie and we like, have no idea what we're doing and it would be totally radical of you to like do our job for us!"

Freaking JEM is getting a movie, meanwhile Mattel is dragging their feet...

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