Mar 18, 2014

SDCC is coming... What will Mattel wow us with for this con?

Talking about MOTU obviously. SDCC time is coming and Mattel has something up their sleeves. Fan speculation has pointed towards the Energy Zoids, something I believe and I made my case against them by citing Multibot as a better exclusive. I still stand by that believe but here's a list of things that I'd like to see at SDCC... (not all of them at the same time... of course) that is neither the Zoids nor Multibot:

The MOTUC Barbie and Ken 2 Pack: This is the second year I bring up this idea. I KNOW IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN... Maximizing slots, completing MOTU and POP before 2015 and all that, yadda, yadda. This would work as a great Novelty item (like Mo-Larr) and if used correctly, a way to give us a 200X Sorceress.

Dare vs Skeleteen 2 pack: I hate He-Ro: Son of He-Man with a Passion, but this 2 pack would rid us of the SOH Vermin infecting the sub. These two are the last two missing characters of that era based on the mini comic with Gorpo.

Starburst She-Ra vs Savage Catra 2 pack: Well, it IS PoP's "30th" or 29th depending on who you ask. So, making the True Vintage Toy versions of Catra and She-Ra would be a GREAT LOVE LETTER to POP Fans for sticking with Mattel while they got their 1-3 figures a year. Personally I'd love hinged wrists for Catra and open claw hands on her.

Flying Fists He-Man vs Terror Claws Skeletor: I don't have the Laser variants here since those are Perfect for 2015. Not to mention bringing a second Melty Face head for Keldor. Now I mention FF He-Man and TC Skeletor here so we get the final non-laser variants in a year. They're pretty much New Armor, New Weapons. If Mattel plays it smart they could toss in a few extras for them. Say, a 200X Inspired head for both of them. If they'll save the 200X Heads for the headpack; how about a  Set of Screaming heads for He-Man and Skeletor?

Despara: While I've been focusing on multi-packs, some SDCC items have been Single figures. Despara seems like a perfect choice for a couple of reasons.
A) She is Adora and it's She-Ra's not sure if 29 or 30th Anniversary.
B)She needs a lot of new tooling that needs more money... SDCC items get more money thrown at them than normal figures.
C)Non-Sub Variant... The remaining Beast/Variant slots do not need to be used for her if she's outside the sub.

Laser Variants 2 pack: While I said before that these guys would be perfect for 2015's SDCC, Mattel COULD throw a curve ball and do them instead. (the same way they wasted a perfect sub exclusive and made him the October Figure) We have most of the parts for them. Especially Skeletor who is mostly a repaint of his NA version but with the vintage hood and staff. Most likely not happening since NA Skeletor comes in August and for non-attendees to SDCC would mean that they'd be almost buying the same figure twice. On the other hand... THE MULLET, man!! I need a He-Man with a Mullet!!

These are my top choices that are NOT Zoids or Multibot. There could be others, but these are plausible choices. Most are variants for the reason of saving the "extra slots" for more worthwhile items.

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