Mar 19, 2014

DC is prepping a suckfest bomb on the theaters, but TV seems to be doing better.

I've bitched and moaned about the festering pile of suckitude that is brewing at WB with Man of Steel 2... Waiting for Gadot to bulk up, Batffleck (which I'm kind of OK with it), the Facebook Luthor, etc.

On the TV side we have Arrow and soon we'll get Flash. We've slowly have gotten a bit more nods to the Comics and had plenty of characters and Easter eggs done pretty well, due to the fact that it's a TV series...
Tonight's episode involved the Suicide Squad which had a little nod to one of the Holy DC Trinity...
One of the Squad Members (kept in her cell) was none other than Harley Quinn... (Voiced by the current Harley Quinn VA: Tara Strong). The Episode was pretty good, we got to see Deadshot once more, the intimidating Amanda Waller (Sadly she's based on the NU 52 version.) Now this brings me to my next point.
Arrow and Flash share a Universe and they are two different shows. This lends itself to do what WB is trying to do horribly on the Silver Screen.

What I'm about to suggest may seem crazy: Warner Brothers should forget about making DC Movies and instead do the most Kickass DC Shows they can make AND have them be in continuity with ARROW and the upcoming FLASH...

Think about it: A Batman show can totally work on a TV Budget. Take a more grounded in reality direction, but keep some of the comic bookness... (Less Nolan, more Arkham games)

Superman we KNOW it can work... Didn't we have like 10 seasons of Smallville? So, taking Superman, Bats, WW and whoever they want to have in the Justice League and develop them through the shows on TV, then have everyone team up for the JLA movie in theaters. Sadly the Beancounters would be the ones pulling the plug on this.

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