Jun 15, 2016

God of War Collection part 6: This one came out of the Toy Chest

Yeah, it's Crate Ass: The Action Figure...
Y'know, for a guy who supposedly hates God of War, I've been getting too much GoW stuff.

Do I need to explain who is Kratos? Yeah? Allrighty then!
OK: Kratos, bastard Demigod son of Zeus... He was the Bill Clinton of Ancient Greek times. Kratos is played like a damn fiddle. He gets pissed and wants more Revenge than Charles Bronson on a Death Wish movie, or Liam Neeson on a Taken. He goes RAH!! I AM KRATOS!! I WANT REVENGE!! and kills the entire Olympian Pantheon before committing Suicide (and failing since he is now a Greek-Viking Demigod) in 6 games. (3 numeric entries, 3 prequels/inbetween games)
A nod to that pose had to be made...
Daenerys looks more like a
Child than Emilia Clarke here.
Also, Sex Minigame reference.
Let me get one thing out of the way: I am disappointed that NECA went on an 8 inch scale for him. I wanted to sneak in Kratos into MOTUC... The heads are nearly MOTUC sized, but the peg hoples are not... Third Party Casters would have to widen the hole for a MOTUC Head if they were to make Crateass heads available for customs.
This is Near Marvel Legends Level of Articulation here... Toybiz Era.
The only thing missing is the weird pectoral articulation... and hinged fingers. One tiny nitpick is that he can be a bitch to keep standing up. He fell 13 times while trying to take the Grayskull pic. I ended up holding him with one hand and crop the pic. 5.0

Paint and Sculpt:

Second not angry head... This is Kratos
He's supposed to be PMSing 24/7!
I don't have any of NECA's previous Kratos figures so, I don't know if there was reuse or if this is 100% new parts. He looks very close to the GoW 3 version of him... part of me wishes he had the Icarus wings. The drybrushing on him simulates the ashes of his wife and daughter clinging to his body really nicely! The splashes of blood on his Golden Fleece are a nice touch!

Let's see, he has an second head (Even if I don't see any use for it) The blades of Exile, sadly no chains attached to his body. It kinda reduces accuracy, but at the same time real chains would ruin the paintjob and plastic chains tend to be crap!
He has the Cestus of Hercules... He also has these nifty pegs that go on his back for when he is NOT carrying the blades of exile. The only thing missing are the Icarus Wings!
 I have to give him a 5.0

Damn the QTE!!!
 Here Kratos gets a 5.0 score. I know the score says he's perfect, he's not, but he's as damn close to a perfect action figure... The only main issue is getting him to stand being a bit tricky!

Now if NECA does Greek Viking Kratos... I'd probably get him too!

The Cestus are mega loose on He-Man.
They are also a bit heavy.

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