Jun 21, 2016

You thought GB Reboot was bad? I got an even WORSE ONE...

In the words of the Immortal Samuel L. Jackson:

There is a WORSE REBOOT Coming:

Yup! Death Wish is getting a Reboot... Directed by Eli Roth... and Starring:

Bruce Willis...

I think this is worse for a couple of reasons:

-Reboots tend to suck: We've seen it before "Amazing" Spider-Man, Total Recall, Robocop, Trankt4stic, Ghostbusters... (You know the jab was coming)

-We're in a too PC world where movies like this are frowned upon... Hell, Most of Mel Brooks' greatest movies would be undoable in this era.

-Eli Roth: He's more of the Horror movie kind of guy and this gritty Revenge story seems to be a bit too far from his comfort zone.

-Bruce Willis: Now don't get me wrong, he COULD Pull it off, but it still worries me. A small part of me feels that having John McClane becoming into a Paul Kersey imitation is as wrong as having Jason Statham becoming Chuck Norris in a theoretical Invasion USA reboot.

In any case this is happening... Now if we could get an American Ninja Reboot so I can bitch and moan some more!!

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