Jun 20, 2016

Odds and ends June 20, 2016

I'm afraid I must start with some Horrible News:
Anton Yelchin, the Star Trek Reboot's Chekov has passed away in a freak car accident. People dying really sucks, especially when they are victims to an accident. Getting pinned by his own car... damn!

Screw the Olsen Douches! Fuller House will keep going on without them. At least everyone except them will show up for a possible Thanksgiving Episode! They say they had no connection to the show like the rest of the cast. That part is understandable... The twins who played Nicky and Alex didn't have that connection either, but they filmed a Cameo appearance. Doing that won't kill the twins... They only need to send ONE for a quick Cameo. The only reason they have the tons of money as "Fashion Moguls" IS BECAUSE OF FULL HOUSE! All the other movies, TV show, videogames were made possible because Full House made them a household name!

Stephen King gave George R.R. Slow as a Restaurant Ketchup Bottle Martin some tips on how to write faster... I mean, wow! George needs tips on how to write faster? I can give you a few:
-Get off your ass and WRITE!! You're a WRITER, do your frigging job!
-Stop going to cons, TV shows, radio shows and bunch of things that keep you too far away from home for far too long...
Seriously, man! I'd like to read the final 2 books sometime in MY LIFETIME!!

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